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Odessa Fashion Week – March 2021. Digital News Fashion Perspective

This new Odessa Fashion Week launched new collections for both young people and adults.

From eternal black, the absolute color of a masculine as well as feminine allure, the message in this fashion week was to combine manual skills in the making of clothes, also some “Ready to Wear” and the artistic presentation of talented professionals.


The organizers preferred to communicate with its audience with the excellence of Made in Ukraine.


The designers on this occasion represented its collections as an expression of the work of hands, mind and heart, it is also the commitment to provide buyers and companies with high quality support for theirs multiple needs, a factor all the more vital at such a critical time for our civilization. The clothing creation process values each silhouette, both in the models and in the choice of fabrics, without following only the patterns dictated by fashion.


The linear and minimal aesthetic is expressed through the preference for the monochrome which discovers new, and again, the androgynous pea coat and the raw cut dresses that are softened by the color choices that persist and white, so that it is the rigorous total black that signs the elegant Urban.


Odessa Fashion Week is already a fashion institution with a “Ukrainian” heart aim which is open to receiving foreign designers. Elegance and beauty must go hand in hand with respect for our planet.

“Diversity and inclusion are gettingthe prototype of a new life. Representation of the diversity of cultures, destigmatization of disability, physical and mental characteristics is an important mission of the modern industry,” says Zarina Semenyuk @zarina.semenyuk, the organizer of Odessa Fashion Week.

The musical headliners of the event were Felix Shinder, as well as top Ukrainian DJ, popular TV and radio host Mr. Sunny. Maxim Akel, Leona Grigoryuk, Adriana Borovik, Shadrin, Grant Broadway, and Miss Iris also performed as musical guests.

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