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World Fashion Icon presents: Fashion Edition in Geneva: Fashion Show By the Lake on 25 May 2019.

On 25 May 2019, World Fashion Icon (WFI) will launch the “Geneva Fashion Show”, with two designers being offered the occasion to present their collections within a musical décor presented by Marta Nanowska, a renowned violinist and fashion designer hailing from Poland. Marta’s “Haute Couture” summer collection MARANTHA “La Mare” will be presented by her beautiful models dressed in gorgeous gowns and super chic bikinis. Marta has also created the sensuous music accompanying the Show exclusively for the occasion of this event.

The Fashion Show will be held at the Soul Club, Rue du Roveray 14, 1207 Geneva.

The prelude to the Show will be given by the Swiss designer Ralph Calle-Schulz who will put on stage his collection “Romano XI”. This young designer – 15 years old – has already presented his collection abroad, and this time around, he will seduce the audience at the Geneva Fashion Show with his interpretation of Urban & Cool Fashion. Ralph is an assiduous student in his last years in high school who commits his spare time to playing football in the Canton of Vaud Selection of the Under 16; composing piano music; engaging as football commentator for a sports radio abroad; and involving himself in an acting career.

The organizers of this event wish to offer their guests a festival of beauty and colors, with a meticulously curated combination of elegance and lightness to symbolize impeccable style, a perfect match to create an unusual sensation of spring adapting to the Geneva style.
Geneva and fashion are not (yet) compatible, but they nonetheless can’t live without each other. The Swiss find their inspiration in the beauty of their landscapes and the art of urban living, and they love their freedom and the joy of fashion. What better occasion than to combine all of these aspects of modern life in one beautiful event?
WFI now has the opportunity to give in to their guests’ desires by offering them a fascinating display of styles, silhouettes and patterns in a fascinating evening event.
Geneva- The based Cave & Domaine Les Perrières will be present at the entrance to the Show with drinks available for the guests and to celebrate the “Caves Ouvertes” Day, which takes place in Geneva every year on 25 May.

G & D Brand (Geneva & Diamonds) produces Swiss wine AOC Geneva-Peissy, with the bottles decorated by hand with a luxury pewter label adorned with Swarovski crystals. The company will be present as one of our sponsors. Be unique, own a masterpiece 100% Swiss made!

WFI is the Swiss professional fashion organization, whose purpose is to assist with advancing the Swiss trademarks of clothes, footwear and accessories.
WFI is an international community built on professional principles for the organization of high-quality fashion shows and represents a professional platform supporting the creative talents, designers, brands and artists in the fashion industry.
The high-level support/development program of the WFI involve Swiss and foreign designers through a true activity of support to the development of their creativity – from production to communication, from marketing to sales – in order to present their collections on the international market in Switzerland.
The participants at each event organized by WFI are special guests, journalists of leading professional and glossy editions, bloggers, analysts and critics in the field of fashion, as well as clients of fashion houses and brands.

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