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The 21th Odessa Fashion Week
is dedicated to solidarity and unity

On November 19, the 21st season of Odessa Fashion Week, which is dedicated to solidarity and unity, will take place.

The whole world already identifies the yellow-blue flag as the main sign of Ukrainian identity. As a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, many landmarks around the world were decorated with the state symbols of Ukraine. Today, the situation in Israel reminds us of what Ukraine is going through every day. Israel and Ukraine are two countries that have experienced aggression. In order to win, solidarity alone is not enough, we need the unity and support of our peoples.

New collection “The Power of Unity” by AKEL embodies the idea that together we are stronger. In this collection, every detail became a symbol of supporting multiculturalism and preserving cultural diversity. White has always been the color of peace and goodness, while blue is considered the color of peace and tranquility in many cultures. In Judaism, this is a sacred color. The color range of the capsule collection connects the state symbols of both countries as a sign of solidarity and unity.

The advertising campaign of the 21st season of Odessa Fashion Week presents not just clothes, but also symbols of unity, support and close ties between our peoples. The idea behind AKEL’s capsule collection “The Power of Unity” is to unite our two cultures, show support and embody the idea of harmony and peace.

Within the framework of the event, designers will present their collections: AKEL, BENNETON & AMAZONKA MODELS, 1991 ETNO STUDIO, ROYAL FAMILY MODELS, ALNEST, ENSLAVER Lingerie & Corsets, NEZHURINA & TUT FAYNO, CELEBRITY ROOM and MAWKA & ANNA ZARD.

For the fourth time, the event is being held during a full-scale war with the support of the Ukrainian Fashion Association.


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is dedicated to solidarity and unity