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OBLIQUE CREATIONS | SS 2024 Collection

“Cupid and Psyche”

Oblique Creations, for the SS24 collection, proudly bets on the whimsical and instinctive creativity of women, defining a concept of empirical experimentation on their emotions and thoughts.

Hence the inspiration for “Cupid and Psyche,” a theme arising from the rational force of mind and thought that manipulates and “weaves” ideas, feelings and emotions capable of expressing an emotional and festive force in the heart.

The Oblique woman is self-aware. She loves to look inside herself to know herself better and calibrate in empirical experimentation the two energies into one unconventional and eccentric vision.

Fabrics and rubberizing, thanks to their lines and colors, materialize as playful and bewitching contrasting volumetries, to enhance the linear and agreeable silhouette.

Prints and embroideries with interwoven lines and animal motifs express a crosscutting message of hedonism and sensuality that transcends the boundaries of the body.

The focus of the collection is therefore on a simple yet refined aesthetic of abstractions and transparencies that hint at a true-to-life and sensual mood.

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