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Qinghe Cashmere presents the excellence of Chinese cashmere with collections from the most innovative and promising brands in the Qinghe region: Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San.

Milan, 19 September 2023 – Qinghe Cashmere, the association that brings together the best-known producers of cashmere in the Chinese region of Qinghe, is proud to present the exceptional collections of the Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San brands in the splendid setting of Casa degli Atellani during the 2023 Milan Fashion Week.

The collections by Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San, the most innovative and promising brands in the high-quality cashmere segment, showcase artistic and creative excellence in the use of cashmere and reflect the philosophy of Qinghe, which combines the purity of this precious material with a refined aesthetic and extraordinary comfort.

The Qinghe region, in the south-east of Hebei province, China, has always been known as the “Capital of cashmere”. The region boasts a state-of-the-art cashmere industry that excels across the supply chain, from harvesting the raw material and combing to spinning and the production of extremely high quality garments, and is the country’s main centre of cashmere transformation and distribution.

Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San show a perfect blend of innovation and tradition, guaranteeing extremely high-quality garments in terms of materials, creativity and craftsmanship. Their collections thus represent the excellence of Chinese cashmere as they drive the tradition of Qinghe manufacturing into the future with elegance and style.

Clean lines, a fresh aesthetic, comfort and quality materials are the key concepts defining the essence of these collections. This means extremely refined products that combine the finest Chinese cashmere manufacture with clean designs that are sophisticated in their simplicity.

Culottes, bras, long skirts and oversize jackets seem to challenge the very nature of their material thanks to the meticulous study that goes into the design of their striking forms.

The razor-sharp focus on the detail and exquisite craftsmanship that are the hallmark of Qinghe Cashmere is reflected in garments that surprise with playful transparencies, innovative patterns, daring cut outs and form-fitting designs, resulting in an experience of elegant sensuality.

The bold colour palette features vibrant colours ranging from fuchsia to red, blue and pastel tones like canary yellow, pink, beige and aquamarine, summoning up the fragrances of summer and enhancing the collections’ originality and elegance.

Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San share a strong commitment to sustainability in line with the philosophy embraced by Qinghe, which has always promoted the use of natural materials and care and respect for the environment.

With these exceptional collections, Qinghe Cashmere is not only elevating cashmere from a simple luxury fabric to what can only be described as a work of art, but also embodies a fusion of tradition and innovation that reflects the excellence of Chinese fashion.

Hong Tai – SS24 Avenue to see the heart

Hong Tai, with over 30 years’ experience in cashmere production, is an advocate of “Cashmere Life”, aphilosophy that explores the infinite possibilities and potential of this material. Hong Tai’s SS24 collection challenges conventions by ushering cashmere into the realm of high fashion and art. With high quality cashmere fabrics made using ancient weaving and embroidery techniques, the collection builds on the rich textures of the eastern tradition to create a modern aesthetic in perfect harmony of form and colour with the old. The vibrant colour palette works with the collection’s fluid and elegant lines to create an inclusive style. The collection features three different product lines. The “Loto” series has a palette of black, dark green and gold and is characterized by a lotus flower motif, a symbol of hope and prosperity, and the garments are enriched with embroidery, beads and double-side jacquard. The “Bianca” series features vertical and horizontal weaves and cashmere yarns interwoven with silver thread, giving the fabric an elegant transparent look and conjuring up images of rivers and rocks. And lastly, red, the festive hue par excellence in the eastern tradition, is accented in this collection by 3D techniques in the knitting that point up the garments’ minimalist forms.

Xin Hua – SS24 Erya – Good thinking

In the Xin Hua brand’s philosophy, cashmere is a gift of nature and products made with this prestige material represent the perpetual heritage of traditions. Xin Hua is committed not only to guaranteeing maximum quality cashmere in its products but also to promoting cashmere culture. In its collections, the brand combines a contemporary aesthetic with the artistic culture of traditional Chinese cashmere manufacture to convey passion and love of life through the elegance of its garments. The brand’s SS24 collection is targeted at demanding consumers who understand the importance of loving life and oneself and are capable of displaying their inner authenticity.

E-San – SS24 Free-switch work & party

E-SAN stands out as one of the most innovative brands in the Qinghe region, revisiting the eastern cultural tradition through a contemporary artistic lens and the medium of cashmere. Its creations are defined by their clean designs, elegant forms and the extraordinary quality of their materials, the brand’s aim being to offer an experience of luxury to women identifying with the contemporary elite. E-SAN embraces a sustainable approach by using natural materials out of respect for the environment and promotes the value of individual identities. The collection is a deft combination of contemporary cashmere design and traditional knitwear techniques, thus offering a versatile look that’s ideal for both work and social occasions. Bright red, shocking pink, pale blue and plain white are the vibrant colours that light up this collection of cashmere garments, including crisp, smooth knits offering warmth and comfort.

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