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Feel free.


MRZ S/S 2023 collection is a hymn to freedom: explore ourself, getting closer to our own natural roots, it becomes a cathartic refreshing process, like a full lungs breath. The contact with the external environment and the organic material, seen as everything that is life, creates a deep connection between human being and nature, from which born new and primordial fonts of inspiration. Freedom is not to have limits, create a deep and ancestral bond with the environment that with have around, understanding the beauty and the perfect mechanism in which everything is on its own place. In this ideal locus amoenus, the MRZ woman expresses femininity and elegance through cloth items and accessories that release a researched craftsmanship, that already earn the perfect combination between comfort and tailoring, staples of the brand.

The knitted tailleur represents the woman/man duo of the brand and embodies the style of the MRZ woman, free to express herself in all her character sides. The iconic knitted plissé, realized with nylon inserts, creates a soft game of transparences while the color blocking technique connote the most vibrant looks and enhances a dynamic femininity, the leitmotif of the collection. 

The tight lines, that follow sinuously the body, are opposed to the over-size one, that define the sportsware capsule through shiny compact textures with stitching details that define the shapes. The combination of different and apparently contrasting elements, for what concern the textures and the volumes, define the brand stylish codes and give born to a sensual and original comfort. 

The knitwear breaks the rules of the classic staples thanks to the unusual juxtaposition of the yarn and the 3D work: cotton, linen, silk and viscose are embellished with inlays, meshes and drop-needle stiches to make the textures alive and material.

MRZ celebrate the handcraft majesty through hand-made stiches and the wise use of the airbrush, in which the spray paint creates incredible and unrepeatable effects: every item is unic and different from the others. Elegant purses and hand-braided accessories that give preciousness and refinement to the outfits of the collection.

The light pastel colors, like milky white, yellow, lilac and light blue, characterize refined and monochrome outfits, which coexist with strong colors like rust and black to create a mix of high- impact contrasts.

The MRZ S/S 2023 collection represents the harmony between the human being and the world around, in which the key to feeling truly free in being a part of it.

Written by Martina De Carolis