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Montreux Moda 2016

By Moda Montreux

FASHION – MUSIC – DANCE – MUSCIAL COMEDY – TALK SHOW … come live with us the MONTREUX MODA experience





Sophie Lambert Consulting & Giovanni Lo Presti.  Photo by Patrice Bievre
Photo by Patrice Bievre

Switzerland has definitely a lot of things to reveal! With more than 10 years in the fashion industry, the fashion designer Giovanni Lo Presti from Canton of Vaud today is one of the Swiss artists who have found their place in the circle of artists who spread the “Swiss Made” worldwide. With the support of Montreux city, the Casino Barrière and the Aesthetic Stylist School “Viomalherbe”, as well as SL Consulting, Giovanni has created the MONTREUX MODA Association, an Association that has set itself the goal of promoting artists in Switzerland.


Our main goal: an artistic platform unique in Switzerland!

You are aware that together we are stronger? This database or platform could identify all Swiss artists of all categories to maximize their visibility and create more exchanges between artists and organizers or individuals … How many times have you sought a specific service among the contacts of your social networks through sending out calls? PHOTOGRAPHERS, MODELS, STYLISTS, SINGERS, MUSICIANS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS and many more … Montreux Moda wants to provide this service by offering free of charge a platform for such exchange of information!



An event geared towards a large audience and especially to lovers of fashion, art and music. In addition, the Montreux Casino Barrière, a historical place where the biggest stars in music go on stage is today is a true temple of culture and entertainment and is above all an ideal location to host once again this evening in an original and unique way!

Montreux Moda New.2
Montreux Moda- G. Lo Presti

A single goal: be successful together!

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For more information about the Association MONTREUX MODA, go to: http://www.montreuxmoda.ch/en/node/7