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Renato Benavides Fashion Show 2021-2022

Peru: When Design Meets Elegance

The renowned Peruvian designer Renato Benavides presented his FORESTA collection: a virtuous combination of chic and casual by mixing current trends,Benavides’s very own special concept. His inspiration was born in the European summer forests using colors with exciting design ideas, beyond the iconic models for men and women. Benavides proves that urban and rural fashion are quite compatible.

“Summer is not only beach, sand, sun,” tells us designer Benavides, who started his legacy brand in 2011. “We are presenting an option beyond trends, with warm colors, earth and forest green, which are not that usual in summer collections. We are proposing a new way to enjoy summer with a wind of freedom and a comfortable fashion in the city.”

The FORESTA collection is aimed at men and women with garments made of soft fabrics and with creative designs andvery easy to combine. This is a limited edition, which reinforces the idea of individuality and personal empowerment. Costumers will be able to wear these unique and exclusive garments without having to invest in a large budget”.

“Being a scriptwriter of your own story means living freely and not going with the flow”, Benavides recalls: “Fashion also means not following the rest.”

He also mentions: “This fashion show has been possible thanks to my husband Edgard Lopez, who was the producer and photographer of the event. The direction and preparation of the models was led by specialist and master Mrs Mishelle Sandhaus who also took part in modelling in the catwalk show.

Choregrapher Ariam

In a universal world where sizes and shapes of women do not necessarily express the charm and the natural state of women, Mishelle Sandhaus imposed her professional character on the catwalk.

Harold Quea joined the group with his immense experience as make-up artist and stylist. The show was also attended by the two stars dancers of the Peruvian National Ballet, Ariam Leon and María José Hernández.

“I am grateful to each of my models and each member of the team; we have become a family,” concludes Benavides.