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Once upon a time… Mishelle Sandhaus

Mishelle Sandhaus, catwalk coach, art director, styling and scouting, is a Peruvian virtuous fashion producer who surprises us every year by being the protagonist of many successes in events related to fashion.

Her 10 years of professional experience allow her to lead and to coach her students to win the Best Models of the Year competitionsof the Lima Fashion Weeks for the three consecutive years 2018-2020. Digital News Fashion interviewed Mishelle who told us that she has been discretelypreparing a work project where the main purpose will be the full development of the human being. She did not want to comment much on the subject, but she emphasized her interest in participation, help, support for social activities and solidarity, and she mentioned that she has coached young students, elderly women and people with autism, which has allowed her to become even more committed to the defence of those most in need. She also told us: “I have had students of different levels and appearance, and in the fashion circle, I am progressing and evolving with teaching techniques for the catwalk and photo shooting. It is a method of personal skills in psychology that is frequently used by international coaches.”

Mishelle Sandhaus is a graduate of the Chio Lecca Instituto as an image consultant and personal shopper; she is also a professional fitness coach certified by the Peruvian Fitness Federation, and she is student in psychology at a prestigious university in Mexico.

Undoubtedly, Mishelle continues to surprise us, since also, in the last month of the year 2021, she fulfilled one of her goals by participating as a model in a high fashion catwalk. She very happily provides us with details of her experience: “Renato Benavides (Peruvian designer) and Edgard Lopez (photographer and Renato Benavides’ husband), contacted me thanks to Harold Quea (Peruvian styling artist). One of my tasks was to prepare the models for their fashion show. I could say that it was one of the best groups of models that I have coached for the catwalk. And it was theculminationof my efforts to be myself a model on the final day of the fashion show. Nothing is impossible in life. I continue with more projects and working hard to achieve success”.

We expect new innovations on Mishelle’s path. At 27 years of age and with two children, she shines her own light; she symbolizes the modern woman who with effort and perseverance obtains achievements; she mentions that the key to accomplishing achievements is to avoid doing harm but to do good.