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Orbits contain the essence of the perpetual dance of life. In the vast cosmic tapestry, the planets rotate around the sun, the satellites surround the planets, migrations move periodically and regularly, the flows of people are social and material orbits, in a cosmic ballet that always finds a center. Likewise, the orbits of our lives are influenced by forces and events: choices, circumstances. The orbits evoke contemplation on the cyclical nature of existence. Each revolution closes, completes its motion, full the circle and starts again on the same path. At every beginning we are never exactly the same. Repetition of patterns serves as a reminder that change is the only constant.

This collection incorporates different concepts and different styles. These creative orbits revolve around the same compositional and aesthetic scheme, a single modus operandi and creative process which produces new products at every new beginning. The orbits and in this case the multiple capsules within this collection symbolize both order and chaos, echoing the delicate balance that defines our creative journey. The creations, in orbit, despite having the same center, move away and get closer but never collide, they have their own meaning and their own life.

About The Brand

giuglia. is a Made In Italy brand born on the Alps with a multidisciplinary approach that gives rise, from the interaction between fashion and arts, to heterogeneous results. giuglia. aims to transport everyday life into a new glittering world made of mixture of styles, eccentricities and colors. A material and immaterial Circus for an increasingly new fashion. giuglia. is a creative special project by Giulia Selva and Angelo Trinca.