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At the moment when darkness gives way to the mysterious ardor that illuminates the horizon with a diaphanous glow, we get surrounded by that magical suggestion between light and dark which has given inspiration to the FW 24/25 collection by OBLIQUE CREATIONS.

It is at the magical moment of dawn, that the woman of the brand captures that fleeting moment imbued with deep secrets gradually revealed by the rising sun. She envelops them with a soft, dreamy hand, opening up an infinity ‘rich in superhuman silences and profound stillness’ (Giacomo Leopardi).

Likewise, the OBLIQUE CREATIONS collection surrounds the feminine soul and body with a delicate, rarefied atmosphere, by choosing soft, sinuous fabrics to gently envelop a subtle and graceful femininity.

While the textures are varied – from the more elegant, classic to a more performance-oriented materiality, the final effect remains luminous and bright. This is also thanks to the embroideries, perfect expressions of the diffraction of a warm and soft light, which emerge on the stretch knitted yarns, in the same way as the rubberizing in a divertissement of shades of mother-of-pearl, lead and gold foils that create suggestive patterns (bark, animalier).

These, in turn, evoke ethereal and natural images on dresses and knitwear in which the dynamism of the wind illuminating the dawn light resounds amidst precious prints and jacquards. The colour palette picks up on the natural tension, dipping into blush and wine, rust and green (lime, apple) without missing the classic black, red, beige, military green, blue, light blue and grey).

A style that defines and combines femininity with the magic of nature, because “Dawn has its own mysterious grandeur which consists of a residue of dream and of a principle of thought” (Victor Hugo).