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ELEVENTY Women’s Collection FW 2021-22


To take breaks to give back meaning to our life, to savor the scent of free time while going back to memories of the past and relive unique moments that can pacify mind and senses, to rediscover ourselves with a simpler way of dressing… thus begins a new dream journey of the Eleventy F/W 2021-22 woman who, in a British atmosphere, becomes a refined amazon who crosses the irresistible nature of the magical and enchanted Scottish hills and “Highlands” islands on a brown steed.

To slow down the frenetic pace; to rediscover the  beauty of nature  that arouses emotions; to find an aesthetic  silent experience that shelters from the excess of information and the noise of the city; to relive unique experiences, immersed in nature.


The contemporary attitude to smart working intensifies the need for an infinitely chic and refined casualwear, a fusion of comfort and new normal tailoring, simple and luxurious, according to a rigorous and modern aesthetic. Dresses designed to survive time, to live as if they were our dearest and irreplaceable friends, that remind us of special moments full of emotions.

The garment becomes a status symbol that tells something about us and our choices, a portrait of our desires. A formal beauty composed of soft volumes and simple cuts for enveloping and reassuring garments: soft blousons with rounded sleeves, oversized shirts in shearling or in a white corduroy to wear as outdoor with comfortable Chelsea   boots, versatile shackets in tweed, dresses designed for wellness with an elegant soft design or moved by diagonal cuts creating fluidity and asymmetry, modern peacoat in sophisticated Prince of Wales, desirable culottes in sartorial microcheck.

The modern amazon chooses a comfortable dress without ever forgetting her femininity and wears multipocket jackets with tight waistbelts, nostalgic silk shirts with bows matched with “utility” trousers with high waist and unusual pockets details. Asymmetric closures and loops, refined riding boots, cardigans and flared skirts.

Tradition and technicality give life to winter trench coats in warm honey velour cloths, Mackintosh coats in male microcheck pattern, elegant cream-colored wool parkas, British-style techno-quilts with country details.


In the current strong sense of “heritage”, the knitwear rediscover timeless patterns such as braided stitches and ribbed knit on honey-colored garments for relaxing moments and greater body freedom, with matching accessories such as protective cagoules, openworked argyles, short cardigans and a touch of folk in the British-style jacquard motifs of  the minute vests. Classic mannish shapes softened by tonal inserts.

From the Polo tradition with its most exclusive clubs comes the inspiration for the maxi cardigans and vests in must have stitch with details inspired by the game such as large embroidered heraldic patches. Utility pockets renew the sweatshirts with graphic constructions; minimal details such as contrasting piping for elegant and versatile panta-jogger.


From warm and comfortable natural fibers such as cashmere wool and camel to thick cottons and crepe de chine in seductive and caressing silk.

Comfortable sartorial outerwear in cozy heritage patterns recolored, micro check, houndstooth, Prince of Wales and chevron patterns; coats with black&white male style, wide ribbed corduroy and flannel contrasting with carded mélange Harris Tweed recalling a British mood. The soft poplins of the shirts show indefinite camouflage floral prints, almost blurred, and refined stripes from the warm shades of the cottagesʼ furnishings.


Calm harmony with natural tones, right for both “urban” and “countryside” moments.

The soft autumn shades of the English countryside are brightened by the warm reflections of the Scottish moorland: lichen green, honey, camel and burnt sienna blend with the more wintery and intense “greens” of the undergrowth and with color must that speaks of the land and of one of its most prized products. To be swathed in mists where the purity of frost white and of delicate cream invite to calm whereas black to seduction.


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