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At the height of the tourist season July 15-17, the professional fashion week Perwoll Odessa Fashion Week Cruise will take place, which in its first jubilee 5th season will gather fashion connoisseurs for the demonstration of cruise collections of Ukrainian and foreign designers.

On July 15, with the support of the Administration of the Odessa Sea Port at the raid mole of the Vorontsov lighthouse, the grandiose defile of the Amazonka and Royal Family agencies will take place in the clothes of Ukrainian designers from Miss Dm, Elen Godis, Tomashevsky & Storge, Zhanna Klimova, Falleen 218 By Glib Kislovskyi , N`art and Elena Guranda. During this Grand Show, representatives of the National Register of Records of Ukraine will record a record: "The longest podium in Ukraine".

Organizer Odessa Fashion Week Zarina Semenyuk notes that "the main goal of setting the record of Ukraine is to popularize the main attraction and symbol of Odessa – the Vorontsov Lighthouse, as well as attract attention of the top Ukrainian and international press to the participants and partners of this event."

The implementation of this ambitious project will be supported by the Perwoll tools with 3D recovery effect, the exclusive Suzuki dealer in Odessa and the Odessa region – Autotrading, the manufacturer of shoes and accessories from the Grand Style leather, the Ukrainian Fashion Academy, the Oxford Medical medical center, the unique health and beauty center Ark SPA Palace, professional cosmetics for hair ESTEL Professional, author's school of makeup Irina Grabar Make-Up Profi and Beauty studio Annet Sherstyuk.

An irreplaceable technical team of specialists from the Grand Master company will conduct all necessary preparations, because the raid mole, surrounded by water from all sides, should become a professional podium, and it will be possible to shoot the Grand Show in the literal sense only from the air, but in this unprecedented for the Ukrainian fashion community Show and is the intrigue and interest of the press, few representatives of which can personally attend the main show of the cruise season.

Solemn opening ceremony of Perwoll Odessa Fashion Week Cruise will take place on the ship "Hadzhibey", from the upper deck of which there will be a wonderful view of the Odessa sea port and the Vorontsov lighthouse. Leading ceremony will be permanent anchor Anastasia Satsyuk, and with the music program will perform: Odessa jazz diva Anastasia Bukina, the first participant of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest from Belarus Olga Satsyuk and young rock singer Anna Morgun.

July 16-17, the main cruise season shows will be held in the beach complex Mafia Rave Terrace, located in the most beloved zone of Odessa – on the Black Sea coast in the heart of the resort and entertainment life of Odessa – the famous Otrada. Mafia Rave Terrace combines the concept of quality beach holidays, the atmosphere of the world's best pool-parties, as well as a restaurant in the best traditions of author's and creative cuisine.

More than twenty best Ukrainian and foreign designers will demonstrate their cruise collections, including Miss Dm, Elen Godis, Tomashevsky & Storge, Zhanna Klimova, Falleen 218 By Glib Kislovskyi, N'Art, Coolbaba, Elena Guranda, Zov Design, Savana, Barbara Andrew Bellezza, Sofo, Fink & Play Fashion Junior, Navy (Belarus), Undastand Product (Belarus), Verona (Belarus), Valeria Krysa (Belarus), Malgorzata Czudak (Poland), Jean tailor (Lithuania), Salle De Mode (Georgia) .

Exclusive media partners of the cruise season will be L`Officiel Online and Ukrainian.Fashion. Video of the shows will be broadcasted by such international TV channels as Fashion TV, Fashion One, Fashion Channel and, of course, our Odessa trendsetter Odessa Fashion Channel.

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