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Dnepr Fashion Weekend 2016 -2017 is the professional fashion event in Dnipro, which hold in November 04-06, 2016

In the Dnipro-Ukraine, in aerospace museum started third season Fashion Weekend. It was three days of their collections will present two dozen Ukrainian designers. The place chosen for display Aerospace Museum.

As an information partner in Switzerland of the Dnepr Fashion Weekend – a professional fashion weekend in Dnipro, which hold in November 04-06, 2016.

The aim of the organizer P. S. Studio Fashion Consulting Group and her founder Mrs. Elmira Polyayeva is to promote the fashion industry in the region, promotion of fashion industry professionals, the promotion of Ukrainian brands and designer clothes, shoes and accessories to the local and international markets, conducting educational programs in the field of the fashion industry, the discovery and support of young designers. The event is based on the principles of professional organization of fashion weeks, taken in the world and is the only professional platform for designers in Dnepr, combining in a single cycle, all the necessary marketing promotion strategy.

The program was an intense podium program «Dnepr Fashion Weekend». Special guest of the event –famous designers as: «SAYYA» by Lubov Makarenko; «Elen Godis», «Laksmi» by Mariana Stshenko; «Nekhaeva SV» by Svetlana Nekhaeva;  «Aysina» by Yulia Aysina; , «E.P.P.S»; «Chernikova» by Cherkas; “Sentendo L’8”; “Samafaine”; “Vyshyvanka”; “Miniatura”; Anna Muza”; “Dinakra”; “Volynby Tasasvolyn”; “Kniga Aer Studio”; “Dress Factory”.

Dnepr Fashion Weekend is supported by Mercedes Benz, Art Space, ICC the word Business Organization, Fashion Greatness Group Professional Networks, Casta Restaurant, Bartolomeo Restaurant-Night Club, In Fly, Respect TV, G-Bar, Digital News Fashion and others.

Many workshops were organized such as the Fashion Bloc of Ieva Zu (UK), the Seminar of Tatiana Yalovchak: “The way to a dream or a climb of Mount Everest.” And the participation of famous stylists, designers, magazine editors and buyers.

Dnepr Fashion Weekend 04-06 2016


All the looks that reigned on the recent runways of 4-6 November 2016

The fashion shows of Dnepr Women Spring Summer 2016 ended and we were left eyes full of wonder, but also new ways of conceiving the style and looks. Here are the must-haves that we liked more, love at first sight from the catwalk and everything we would like catapulted into our closets here and now.

The best seen look at the Dnepr Fashion Weekend are small spells to keep well in mind, notes for next season but also new femininity that can inspire us in the cold season.


Dnepr Fashion Weekend , hair trends for spring-summer 2017

How will the hair fashion in the spring-summer 2017? We discover thanks to the fashion shows in Milan.

In the spring-summer 2017 hair trends are clear: During the Milan Fashion Week, we saw so many models to show off their beautiful long hair loose on her shoulders, parted in the middle. A trend that was already in vogue in this hot season and that we carry in the coming months.

If you do not like long hair loose and straight, do not worry, because the “hedgehog” will be another trend to be reckoned with: you can choose between the voluminous hair or curly with wet effect, another trend that will still be very important next year. Punk style will be well represented by hairstyles with shaved hair and braids, as well as the bangs will still be a must-have to be reckoned with for our hair.

How the Ukrainian Style inspire us the next Spring-Summer?

The best thing that has taught the Dnepr Fashion Women There’s like femininity can embrace many nuances, very beautiful for example the proposed new Sayya, Assyna and Nekhaeva that dig into the demands of our everyday life, as well as the mood minimal Elena Godis which shows us that simplicity can be an option, or Laksmi, Volynbytarasvolyn, or Anna Muza that brings the brand closer to its customers. In general, fashion is more attentive to our needs, the leaders are closer to our everyday life that the glitter from the catwalk or the red carpet.

Dnepr Fashion Weekend come to an end, closing the circle of the fashionable Ukrainian season 2016.

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