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Graduated in mathematics, William Shen has distinguished himself for his talent in all mathematical competitions in which he participated, since childhood. Winner at the National Olympic games, he was praised by many Chinese media.

Thanks to his strong technical and artistic skills he was able to combine the fashion designer’s thinking to mathematical logic. Starting from techniques rooted in traditional Chinese culture, he has created, through a technological process of avant-garde, duvets with unparalleled design making them among the most desired and sought after.

The technology used is an important asset that distinguishes the brand from traditional duvet manufacturers.

The studies and design used allowed the young designer to win important national and international patents.

The FW23-24 collection by the luxury brand RAXXY – jointly founded in Shanghai and Milan in 2020 and specialized in luxury duvets – is inspired by the Chinese word Hán, which means cold winter. As if by magic, the icy nights are illuminated by fireworks that bloom in the sky; in the same way, the hearts are warmed by romantic and colorful duvets, handcrafted through sophisticated technological innovations.

The hedonistic approach that characterizes the identity of the RAXXY brand, integrates traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion design technology, fully emphasizing the characterizing concept of “experimental, exploratory and inclusive” and redefining the conventional fabric and deconstruction of the duvet concept.

Every single piece by RAXXY is not only a piece of clothing but also a story, a detail, a dream, a concept of cultures, experiences and trends.

The designer William Shen has shown interest in fashion since childhood, but thanks to his passion for mathematics, he perceived a mysterious law of art, hidden in all things, namely: the rules of the law of change rather than the change itself. Applying these laws to the expressive system of fashion you get a very interesting artistic innovation, which has become the focus of the brand RAXXY.

The ancient and glorious Chinese civilization and its culture are the most important element of the brand’s expression.

RAXXY’s unique style captures the details of fashion and interprets each design element with a reorganization of the concept, overcoming the traditional expression of the 2D piece structure, with a 3D block system. It can be interpreted as a sculptural state, in which details are carved layer by layer. Through models and techniques of traditional Chinese culture – such as bamboo patterns and Jiangnan weaving, armor, lantern patterns and copper coins – unique shapes are created in a completely revolutionary way, through the combination of colors and shapes.

For this new FW collection, the designer William Shen starts from the geometric theory of fractals, managing to combine fashion with geometric figures that are repeated endlessly in their entirety and in all their details.

The detailed carvings show the combination of fabric and down to form a soft 3D object, with an exclusive sculptural look.

The silhouettes of the items in the collection become a harmonious geometric architecture in symbiosis with the body. The soft feminine curves are dressed with shapes taken from the unisex style, with a futuristic vision.

The colour palette, in addition to black and white, favours the lighter and colder shades, inspired by Morandi’s works. The texture of the cold surface contrasts with the soft touch of the duvet and the plain garments vibrate with a vivid energy.

The ambitious dream of the RAXXY brand is to count the title of “duvet haute couture”, the warm winter fashion with a unique design. The DNA that characterizes the brand image is expressed by the sculptural block structure, in contrast to the smooth surface of traditional fashion. A texture that creates an independent outer layer, allowing you to see another possibility of expression in fashion: a futuristic aesthetic system.

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