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Pomandère Autumn Winter 2023-24: “ATLANTICA”

The Pomandère Autumn Winter 2023-24 collection is inspired by the suggestion of the territory overwhelmed by the impetuous north European winds, bathed by the cold waters of the ocean and shaped by the unruly waves of the Baltic: the Atlantica region. 

Each garment that composes it is the result of the parental and meticulous observation of the colours and essence of the cliffs, of sunsets on the icy water, of the healthy vegetation. 

Each new collection, for Carlo Zanuso, is a further, gentle and candid step towards informed, ethical and zero impact production processes.  The alpaca yarns, of the polo, and the virgin wool yarns, of the knitted in jacquard with Norwegian design or perforated braids, are offered only in natural colours of butter, tobacco and dark brown. While some of the basic pieces of Pomandère, such as the oversized shirt in wool and cotton armour, the ribbed pants and the jersey sweatshirt with embroidered logo, were dyed at low temperature – for less energy impact and water consumption – and 100% natural with the mineral pigments of clay and soil. 

The Fall Winter 2023-24 collection is dedicated to Atlantica, the daughter of a sailor, free, alert, lonely but benevolent with strangers, shrewd and independent, who lives in close contact with the sea, to which she exposes her skin and dedicates her life. 

The shades chosen for this collection recall three colours, inspired by the evocative Nordic landscapes and their biodiversity.  The unexplored and sinister depths of the ocean colours the cold blue palette, represented by the midnight blue of the checked flannel lining the Japanese cotton and viscose twill trench coat and by the black of the sophisticated viscose satin evening slip-dress. The rushing waves against the rock are remembered by the teal, the emerald green and the charcoal wash of the denim used for cargo pants.  The pearl grey alpaca in the English rib used for the twin-set evoke the ice on the cliffs.  The palette of ochres and greens represent the tones of the countryside, wide and boundless and their unattended and icy stretches of grass of the Atlantic region.  The colours of the warm sky before the sunset condense into the third chromatic group, characterized by orange, copper, pink, mohair cyclamen, blended by natural tones. 

The numerous prints and processes diversify the collection: the stripes of poplin cotton and silk combined with viscose, the geometric pattern of jacquard, the processing in bouclé mesh of wool mixed with silk, the graphic on the viscose and silk satin of the draped shirt and dress and, finally, the micro vichy of the oversized jacket-pants suit. 

The Autumn Winter 2023-24 of Pomandère is pronounced, moreover, through the most disparate fabrics and yarns and their peculiar combinations: Corduroy viscose velvet is used for the most classic pieces and the one stripted cotton with canvas details for cargo pants. The wool and cashmere cloth is used in coats, while the fur-effect wool is employed in the caban and in the vest in natural tones. The silk habutai of the shirts is combined with crêpe de chine and romantic lace inserts are applied on wool and cotton embroidered poplin. 

To frame the collection, details such as the custom salpa of denim, the embroidery to embellish the shirt, the striped viscose lining on the sleeves of the outerwear and the elastics of the pants to emphasize the waist and femininity of the woman wearing them.

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