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Montegallo Alice Catena hats represent an exceptional combination of tradition and creativity, offering unique, high-quality designs that reflect the brand’s distinctive elegance and style.

The Spring Summer 2024 collection is an ode to the craftsmanship of the Marche region, with hats and bags that embody sophistication, style, and versatility.

Raw materials, such as fine 100% natural hemp and fine 100% natural straw, are expertly crafted through skillful weaving and meticulous hand stitching, resulting in unique designs that combine quality and authenticity.

The collection is articulated with the “Hats” group in natural straw with grosgrain bow, ribbon or bordered and is distinguished by the Vienna, Texan Border, Fedora, Lady Tiara, Lady Homburg, Lady Bogart, and Bogart models, while the two new models, the Berrettone and the Stuart, are made of natural fabric in classic white, natural, and black colors.

In the “Big Hats” group, in addition to the new models “Rosella Hemp,” offered in two-color natural/black and total black versions, and “Audrey” in black, natural and two-color straw, we find the Pamela Straw, Big Fringe, Super Fringe, Fringe, Cone and Dulì models in natural straw enriched with possible ribbons and beading.

Finally, the “Liberty” group completes the collection with the Liberty hat in natural straw with floral print ribbon, the “Ribbons Box” offering interchangeable and customizable ribbons in various shades, and
the “Rosa” and “Anna” bags in natural straw and Vienna with a leather frame, with a refined and metropolitan style.

Montegallo is an Italian story of tradition and beauty, a tribute to the craftsmanship of the Marche region that continues to define timeless style and elegance.

Montegallo was born from the century-old history of straw processing in the Marche Region of Italy. An activity that has its origins as far back as the 1300s, linked exclusively to agricultural activity, the only real source of livelihood in the Region.

Rural women would weave freshly harvested wheat stalks and make headgear to shelter men working in the fields from the sun. Gradually the men began to sell the hats and braids of wheat at the market, creating an early form of a sustainable and alternative economy. They carried them long distances on a stick called a “stanga,” and returned home only after selling the whole lot.

Thanks to their skill, during the post-World War II period, production expanded to bags and shoes, which soon became ornamental elements, indispensable to confer elegance and distinction. Still today, in the Fermano area, the last ladies harvest and weave grain.

Alice Catena, has gathered history, experience and traditional craftsmanship, to still make with the same ancient mastery of small local productions, a fine accessory, with timeless charm and style, to be handed down from generation to generation.

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