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A Sicilian Atelier that Merges Tradition and Innovation

Founded in 2020 against the picturesque backdrop of the Sicilian coast, atelier J’ESSENTIA represents a sanctuary where art, fashion and design converge to manifest tangible beauty. More than just a physical space, it represents an ideal realm where soul, mind, body and spirit come together to create. J’ESSENTIA embraces a holistic approach, blending multidisciplinary planning with the talents of local artisans and, in doing so, exemplifies the fusion of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and industrialization, past and future.

All this is done with an unwavering commitment to the ethos of “Made in Italy,” rooted firmly in the heart of Sicily. This region steeped in history and influenced by ancient civilizations represents a dynamic creative melting pot for J’ESSENTIA. Today, this land welcomes the contemporary vision of Francesca Jennifer Puzzo, a true polymath: an artist, a designer and an entrepreneur.

The eclectic designer brings forth the concept of “Wearable Art” from her atelier, creating fashion capsules that inspire the wearer to adorn themselves with eternal art. It is a testament to the essence present in every individual, women and men.

At the heart of these fashion capsules are the geometric and symbolic works created by artist Francesca Jennifer Puzzo. The “Peacock Feathers” capsule picks up on the protagonist pattern of the work “I’ve painted the soul,” the winning canvas at the Barcelona International Art Biennial and selected by Vittorio Sgarbi for the Annuario Artisti Internazionali 2023 published by Mondadori. Peacock feathers have an ancient meaning and represent a refined dialogue between soul and matter that leads the essence of every woman to shine through precious textures on imperial satin, genuine leather, pure silk and velvet. In the “Sicilia Bedda” capsule, we find the typical symbols of tradition: the “Sicilian pupo”, the “cart wheel” and the “trinacria”, reinterpreted in an abstract key, in this perennial conversation between the simplicity of the patterns and the liveliness of the fantasies. The vibrant color palette is a tribute to Sicily with the red of volcanic energy, the yellow of sunlight and the blue of the island’s crystal clear sea, skillfully mixed with black and white for a fascinating balance, and purple representing the synergy between masculine and feminine.

These creations come to life in the form of refined fabrics and exclusive patches, and each piece is a harmonious fusion of tradition and avant-garde.

Lightweight silk scarves embody the excellence of J’ESSENTIA’s work, then translated into the simplest scarves or delicate tubulars suitable for embellishing the neckline.

This concept of “wearable art” also extends into the creation of highly tailored garments.
From long kaftans in soft satin, to elegant twill kimonos, all the way to day and evening dresses, elegant creations suitable for every occasion.

The atelier offers a diverse range of accessories, including elegant leather clutches that elevate J’ESSENTIA’s prints to new levels of elegance. The daily capsule features two unique bags, “Taormina” for everyday chic and the inseparable “Ortigia” bag for a casual touch. These bags are true works of art because each panel is uniquely created by the action of an industrial machine, and they are characterized by the use of innovative vegan materials in EVA that combine style, versatility, and practicality. J’ESSENTIA’s mission extends beyond fashion. It is a commitment to exporting the artistic, artisanal, anthropological and naturalistic wealth of Sicily and Italian craft districts around the world. This mission is executed with elegance and minimalism, reflecting in the fields of ready-to-wear, home design and lifestyle. J’ESSENTIA is not just a brand; it is a movement that encompasses the heart and soul of Sicily to be embraced by the world.

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A Sicilian Atelier that Merges Tradition and Innovation