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Fashion Vibes presents
the dynamics of Fashion and Cinema
Cinematography Fashion Show

Milan. February 20th, at 7:00 PM, at Via dell’Aprica 12

Fashion returns to Milan showcasing the F/W 2025 collections in a packed schedule of events, including fashion shows, presentations, and gatherings, to narrate the creativity and style of the most prestigious fashion houses and emerging designers. The goal is to promote extraordinary craftsmanship and bold ideas, increasingly focused on innovation, environmental responsibility, and social awareness.

For the 2024 edition, Fashion Vibes breaks conventions by merging fashion with the magic of cinema, creating a narrative suspended between reality and fiction dedicated to the theme of Fashion and Cinema. Six designers’ collections will be showcased through the seventh art, making fashion understandable through the cinematic language for a wider audience, beyond press, buyers, and industry professionals.

Cinema and fashion, being two forms of art and creativity, are destined to communicate, constantly speaking to each other, complementing, and enhancing one another. Cinema’s role is to launch and immortalize stars and their styles, giving films its best visual resources. The audience is often fascinated by film characters, taking them as icons to follow. This gives rise to the Star System, with movie stars and films becoming cult classics, used by cinema to emphasize and amplify fashion styles and trends.

On February 20 th at 7:00 PM, Fashion Vibes aims to present a grand Cinematography Fashion Show, a first of its kind, transforming the runway into a film set. The guests will be immersed in a film-like atmosphere, complete with music and film soundtracks, becoming part of the cast. The show will be directed and presented by the famous Italian actor and director Francesco Stella, creating a “show within the show”, where meanwhile a documentary film about the event and life of Fashion Vibes will be produced. In this fashion show, cinema and fashion are deeply intertwined, celebrating the mystery that is cinema itself, resulting in a high-level production.

The 7:00 PM fashion shows include:

MAHAUD PARIS – from Paris, France – Elegance, delicacy, and femininity are at the centre of this new FW 2025 collection, combining Mahaud Paris’ desire for virtuous fashion with the representation of all beauties in the richness of their diversity.

VALIDE SULTAN – from Israel – Gaining acclaim for its synthesis of Eastern and European influence, Valide Sultan’s garments materialize on the empty “canvas” of the mannequin. Lace, net, fabrics, pearls, and crystals organically intertwine, ensuring exclusivity for women seeking uniqueness and luxury.

G STARS KIDS – from Ukraine – Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya, the Ukrainian designer, presents the latest F/W 2025 collection of kidswear “Eco-Street,” inspired by urban trends and unique upcycling techniques, reflecting the designer’s creativity and commitment to sustainable consumption.

HEEYONGHeE – from Seoul, Korea – Creative director and head designer Shin Hee-yong presents the Autumn/Winter 2025 collection, ‘A Blissful Birthday,’ integrating art and fashion, offering a contemporary and inventive cultural perspective with a small tone of nostalgia.

HAIFA – from Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The FW 2025 “Timeless” collection pays tribute to elegance, quality, and timeless style of women’s fashion, focusing on versatility and wearability, with carefully selected colours conveying atmospheres and to evoke emotions.

LEM – from Georgia – The Georgian fashion brand will present a revolutionary FW 2025 collection titled ‘Feminine Power’ during Milan Fashion Week, celebrating the resilience and strength of women, inspired by formidable stories of women affected by violence. Thanks to the BSI Academy by Anna Del Prete, founded by Diego Dalla Palma, for managing the backstage of the Cinematography Fashion Show.

With a high-level faculty, the BSI Academy shares industry knowledge and techniques, providing opportunities for practical application through participation in international events, fairs, and fashion shows.


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the dynamics of Fashion and Cinema
Cinematography Fashion Show