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Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2020/21

Male elegance once again takes center stage with the Milan Fashion Week – Men’s Autumn / Winter 2022 Collection, which was scheduled between January 15-19, 2021. Another fashion week marked by the Covid emergency, with 39 marks on the calendar, of which 10 for the first time.

“It was an innovative edition capable of adapting and interpreting the particular needs of the moment, proposing the right combination of live and digital appointments,” says Cristina Tajani, Counselor for Labor Policies, Productive Activities, Fashion and Design. «Fashion shows and presentations that are reinterpreted and reinvented in forms and languages, making the most of the opportunities offered by the web, now essential to communicate with consumers and the main users of the world of fashion.”

The collaboration with Fashion Film Festival (whose seventh edition began on January 13 to 19, 2021) is part of this perspective of expanding the languages and useful means to better communicate the culture of beauty and the well-done that identifies and characterizes the Made in Italy.

“This edition of Milan Fashion Week is part of a framework of concrete responses to the changed panorama of the fashion system and aims to be a dynamic solution to the complexities of the present,” explains Carlo Capasa, president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. “Our platform was designed from the beginning, to live a life of its own and support, when possible, the appointment with physical shows, and it has shown, as the numbers of the last editions have shown, an incredible resource also to transmit important reflections, as for this edition, on sustainability and inclusion.”

Costanza Cavalli Etro, creator of the Milan Fashion Film Festival

The event entirely dedicated to men’s fashion could be followed on the digital platform of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, which broadcast the contents of the brands present in the calendar on live streaming with fashion shows, videos, digital events and dedicated themed rooms, to current issues such as sustainability and inclusion.

Milan Men’s Fashion Week and Pitti Uomo: the main trends.

The season of men’s fashion shows in Italy ended on Tuesday morning after a rather hectic week between Florence and Milan, during which a marked nostalgia appeared, and therefore a strong desire, to see a much more elegant male.

But it was also a season of pronounced evasion, as can be traced to an entire trend that is moving towards tailoring with detachable pieces and gigantic weekend bags.

The color palette ranges from cloudy to authentic, up to a completely new fantasy wardrobe of high-resolution acid colors, used in classic outfits or in technical nylon creations.

There are therefore seven key trends that every fashionista should consider when she invests in her wardrobe for fall 2020.







Marco Baldassari says, “It is an elegance design-ed for oneself; it is a new way of thinking and being in the world that changes and renews itself.”

A modern, dynamic, sporty man who seeks his “own” style guided by a new awareness of himself and the meaning of beauty.

This is the new concept of REFLECTIVE ELEGANCE proposed by Eleventy for the autumn-winter season 2021-22.





Milan Fashion Week Trend

Voluminous coats

Next fall’s coat should keep you warm, like Giorgio Armani’s wraparound sheepskin or chunky down ski coats, or Fendi Major League A-line coats. Or maybe like in the giant diagonal paintings seen by Prada.

Baggy and heavy country sweaters

Dolce & Gabbana led this trend with huge braided knit sweaters where the thread is as thick as a thumb.

Fendi showed off giant scarves with the varsity logo in virgin wool and lush Salvatore Ferragamo sweaters also with large interwoven threads, so warm you could climb the Matterhorn.

Heavy but airy boots

Prada, Stella McCartney and Fendi, to name just a few, featured oversized boots, many with chunky logo soles. However, when you actually held them, they were all extraordinarily light. Stella’s brothel creepers almost floated, while the new foam sole from the Todʼs sneaker collection “No Code X” weighed less than 300 grams.

Custom garments in removable parts

Fendi introduced a triple layer coat in mahogany, caramel and beige mink.

Salvatore Ferragamo showed off vibrant funnel neck coats that looked like they could be divided into four pieces.

Animated logomania

From virtually every new Fendi outfit, to Armani’s new R-EA or upcycled Emporio Armani, the logo has rarely seemed so vital.

In the fashion film presented at Milan Fashion Week, models with the looks of the new collection walk along corridors and urban catwalks following the anatomy of a city in the making. The same looks were projected into the interior spaces of an ideal home and rediscovered through a more intimate vision. Exteriors and interiors intertwine endlessly until the revelation of the set of the shots symbolically suspends time, in a moment of (RE) SET from which we are ready to start again.