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MEN WITH BEARD: Modern Beard Styles

For some time now I have been observing a trend that has become inescapable among the modern mass: THE BEARD. This has become the preferred complement for looks that seem unconcerned but have been taken care of to the last detail before leaving home.Therefore, I want to show you the best of handsome men with beards. Has the metrosexual died?

If you’re thinking of taking your beard to the next level, now is a good time to see some cool styles and designs of men with beards. While the best beards are usually cut neatly to create sharp cuts and an elegant appearance, many men have been in a way to let the beard grow long and have it full.

These messy but masculine facial hair styles work wonderfully with the hairstyles of many men. In addition, there are so many ways to combine stylish haircuts and beards, including the transition between head and face hair, that you will love experimenting with all the different styles below.

Cool Beard Styles

So, if you are looking to grow a long beard or want new ideas short and arranged for a more professional cut, we have the hottest collection of popular beard styles for 2018. Check out the different types of beard below for a new style and so, try a new powerful style with the growth of your beard!

Thick Beard Hair

A good, thick beard will take a few months to grow, depending on your genetics and lifestyle. If you want to trim the bottom of the neck or the edges to keep a tight design, you can do it. But be careful not to brush too much or become impatient, since you will never be able to grow your beard to your full potential. The photo above is a great example of how full beard is a good style with longer hair.

Short Beard Hair

This sexy short beard is all about the shape instead of length. Using a good beard trimmer, men can create the perfect facial hair for their facial features and style.

With Gradient Beard

The love for gradients is on the rise. A fine fade, particularly a skin or a bald fade, can highlight the contrast between the short sides and the longer hair at the top. A full beard only adds a touch of fashion.

Aligned and Fit

While you may be able to shave or trim your beard at home between trips to the hairdresser, it is probably best that your beard be molded by your stylist. First, this helps to achieve the correct symmetry and design with your haircut. Secondly, you can learn how your hairdresser cut your facial hair so that you can use the same techniques when you try it at home.

Long Beard

There are many different ways to wear long beards. The best long beards should be full and thick, without irregular parts. This may require men to investigate how to grow their facial hair out.

Bald with the Beard

A shaved head contrasts well with a full beard. In fact, many women love bald men with a beard, so much that not everyone who shaves their heads needs to. While some men shave their heads due to thinning hair, poor hairline or hair loss, a bald head may be an option for a low maintenance style.

Full Beard

Full beards are versatile and look great with short, medium and long hair. They can even be combined with handlebar mustaches for a modern touch. If your plan is to style a full beard this year, you will surely want to invest in some quality beard oil or balm to keep your facial hair soft.

Bun Style

The combination of the man, with a bun and beard always works. When pairing long hair with a beard, you can’t go wrong with this modern look.


If growing a lot of facial hair is not easy for you, then a simple goatee can do the trick. Goatee beard styles come in many variations, and you can choose to shave your mustache for a goatee without one.

Van Dyke

List with the Best Beard Styles

To complement the styles we have taught you, here we bring an additional list of the different styles to wear the beard.

The beard is in the top fashion for men, so if you want to let it grow, with a good quality beard oil or balm, as we had said before, it is advisable for a smooth growth, and with a good Food and exercise so that this hair grows in a healthy way.

We hope that it has served you and that you find that look and style that you love so much!