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KIEV FASHION DAYS F / W 18-19: an event of style and decode

From 1 to 4 February, Block Fashion Week – Kiev Fashion Days, opened the world fashion season for F/W 18/19.

As part of this innovative fashion week, there were sshowings of young designers from both Kiev and London.

As a result of the ceremony,  the handing of the Blockchain Fashion Prize to the best designer was Chaksyn, the best designer for the version of HD Fashion – THEO. The best fashion show is Anna K, the best young designer was Negliges, the best photographer was Julia Christ, the best model named was Anastasia Galushkina, the best block-project is Blockchain Lab.

The winners were awarded to international guests: Lionel Dejan – founder of the model agency City Models, Ricardo Tertso – journalist for Vogue Italia, Nora Herbie – founder of Who cares!?, Gillian Godsil – journalist from Irish Tech News, Oleg Filatov – general producer of HDFASHION & LifeStyle, Asam Karim Malik – creative director of Verge crypto currency, Anna K – designer, Dasha Suvorova – singer, Irina Mishina – presenter of the Cryptodealers channel.

While each day was packed with interesting shows, the main highlight was the display from the brand Anna K. The designer touched on the topic of crypto-currency, which is something new to the fashion industry. Anna K is the iinstigator of one form of crypto-currency, which is labelled Fashion Coin. With the launch of this crypto-currency, it will be possible to invest in designer’s collection collection connted to Blockchain Fashion Week during their shows, and this is just the beginning. The main difference of Fashion Coin is that this crypto-currency will be provided by a real ecsector of the economy.

In addition, Blockchain Fashion Week hosted the Blockchain Fashion Conference, which was an extraordinary event not only for the fashion industry, but also for the blockchain industry. The Blockchain Fashion Conference presentation centered on the fashion eco-system, which will help to cope with problems in the fashion industry such as centralization, and slow progress of all industry processes in which a huge amount of creative potential and energy is lost. To ensure the operation of this new eco-system, the Fashion Coin crypto-currency will be issued.

The conference featured the the best and brightest speakers from both industries:

– Representative of the largest trade show in the world, Tranoi, David Hadida;

Fashion TV CEO and co-founder of the decentralized project, Nkor Eric Klein;

– The creative director of one of the most confidential crypto-currencies, Verge, whose capitalal value is now, 1.7 billion USD;

Irish Tech News  representative Jillian Godsil;

– The founders of the social-commerce platform Lablaco;

– The creators of the Belarusian crypto-currency, Taler, Denis Lavnievich and Sergey Lavrinenko;

-The member of the Supervisory Board of Blockchain Fashion Week, Kazbek Bektursunov;

– The Ukrainian-American businessman, who for the first time in history sold real estate for crypto-currency, and who spoke at length, Mark Ginzburg;

– and many others.

Also, within the framework of the Blockchain Fashion Conference, a round-table was held on the topic: “Legalization of Crypto-Currency in Ukraine”, where the key theses were:

 – Blocking of crypto-currency for business;

– Legislation: prospects in Ukraine and the experience of other countries;

 – Development: blocking services, applications, and smart contracts;

 – Finally, ICO (initial coin offerings) for investors and founders of start-ups.

The participants of the round-table discussed the main issues related to the regulation of crypto-currency in Ukraine, namely, to give a clear indication at a legislative level of such concepts as crypto-currency, blocking and mining, the question was also posed: is the regulation of the national currency of Ukraine as a whole necessary at this stage?

The participants of the round-table were: Mustafa Nayem, Nestor Dubnevich, Stanislav Podyachev, Sergey Dziz, Timur Mikhailovsky, Alexei Zhmerenetsky, Dmitry Krishtal, Kazbek Bektursunov, and others.

The partners of Blockchain Fashion Week were: TsUM, Legal High School, Coworking Platforma, Blockchain Lab, Multiplex, MAC, Vicoseli, Bon Buasson, Veranda restaurant, and Plov restaurant.

Media partners included: HDFASHION & LifeStyle, Maxxi TV, FW-Daily, What’s On Kyiv, Cryptodealers, CoinTelegram.News, and Legal Practice.

Photo: Press Office Kiev Fashion Days.












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