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BORSALINO’S NEW FALL/WINTER 2019-20 CAMPAIGN Painting and Photography work together to celebrate contemporary beauty

Borsalino previews its Fall/Winter 2019-20 collection with a new campaign created under the artistic direction of Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci and shot by photographer Joseph Cardo.  It is a continuation of the strategy for the relaunch of the brand that – inspired by the contagious energy of its founder Giuseppe Borsalino, a “millennial before the day” who at just 23 years old turned hats from essential items into things of beauty – will take the icon of elegance and style, with a history spanning over 160 years, into the future.

“In line with the previous campaign and within the bounds of the “Arts & Crafts” code that expresses the soul and the DNA of the Borsalino brand, I intend to raise the medium of photography to the same level as the other arts.” Giacomo Santucci, Borsalino’s Creative Curator declares.

He adds, “The interaction of painting and photography produces a kind of Pop synthesis – a modern, artistic, three-dimensional effect, like a sculpture. This approach, which also dates back to the end of the 19th century, is an attempt to move photography beyond its use as a basic tool to reproduce reality. The aim, as it is with Borsalino products, is to bring in the manual skills and esthetic sensibility necessary to achieve a contemporary form of beauty. We follow the reflections of pictorial photography, lingering above all on the subject of nature, which is essential to the positioning of the Borsalino brand. This represents a systematic effort to return to craftsmanship and the ability to read and recognize quality and the beauty of things in a place and time that is eternal – a space where the Borsalino classics are revisited and transformed into “evergreens” for the years to come.”

“If to communicate means lateral thinking and the ability to read modernity, it was fun working with Giacomo Santucci’s idea of pictorial photography,” says photographer Joseph Cardo, with his third season of shooting the Borsalinocampaign. He adds, “Given the results and overall approach in this series of Borsalino campaigns has allowed me to understand how photography can pay homage to art. With this fall campaign in specific; inspirations run from post-classic interventions from the contemporary artist Retna (Marquis Lewis) to the work of artists like [Robert] Rauschenberg, [Jacques] Villeglé and [Mimmo] Rotella.”

Starring renowned model Valentina Sampaio and featuring  models J Moon, Franzi Mueller, Alessio Azzalini, Allen Haygood and Michel Pinhero, a preview of the new campaign, shot in Joseph Cardo’s private studio in Puglia, will be on display in the Fall/Winter 2019-20 windows of the Borsalino boutiques worldwide and on all social network channels of this historic brand from Alessandria Italy.

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