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For the Fall Winter 23/24 season, Boglioli recounts a strong return to its sartorial DNA, a collection that celebrates the brand’s lifestyle through a broad and versatile proposal, developed to accommodate the dynamic and demanding lifestyle of the contemporary man.

Classic outerwear changes its appearance and changes to create new eclectic models that go beyond the concept of a jacket. Thanks to the fluidity of the materials, “hybrid” and refined garments are born, a synthesis of different functions and styles, which do not have a defined connotation, but lend themselves to personal interpretations based on use or needs. In fact, the same garment can become a shirt or a jacket according to the style of each one.

The wardrobe develops towards an urban style while maintaining the high technical performance in the structures and in the use of materials, starting from the careful selection of the best raw materials, rigorously Made in Italy, in which natural fibers of the highest quality share the same softness.

The timeless elegance of artfully crafted wool and cashmere translates into garments of exceptional quality that are soft, warm and fluffy for a classy effect. Fabrics such as shetland or flannel are brushed or washed by hand to obtain a soft and pleasant tactile sensation in contact with the skin. The luxury wools in 14 micron yarn, iconic of the Boglioli collection, developed thanks to years of research, instead offer a cashmere-effect softness and are used both in yarn-dyed and in garment-dyed. The protagonist of the new collection is the present both smooth and ribbed velvet designed for different occasions of use, for a higher and more sumptuous interpretation, but also with a casual spirit. To conclude, the lambswool, classic and timeless, is worked both in solid colors and in tone-on-tone herringbone, up to bouclé.

Color, which has always been a fundamental element for Boglioli, becomes the absolute protagonist this season. The color proposal starts from two precise palettes, inspired by the autumn landscape. Intense colors that recall the colors of the earth and ranging from brown, sand and cream to the range of blues. From the classic navy to storm blue and acid green. In contrast with the liveliness of these colors the discreet universe of anthracite gray and the refinement of black.

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