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From AI Art to Art Perfumes ‘Goddesses & Muses’ by Daniel Salvi is more than an exhibition, it’s a sensory journey

MILAN – On the evening of December 5th, the Lynk&Co Milan Club at Corso Venezia 6 became the stage for the grand opening of ‘Goddesses & Muses’, an innovative exhibition by digital artist Daniel Salvi and curated by Chiara Sticca, open to the public from December 6th to 12th, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

‘Goddesses & Muses’ reveals itself as a celebration of female beauty and the depth of human emotions. Daniel Salvi, who blends technology and creativity in a visionary way, invites visitors to lose themselves in meditative and timeless dimensions, where the gazes of goddesses become a portal to ponder the unconscious and harmony with the whole.

The artworks – all unique works to make the encounter with the portrait subject exclusive – escape the concept of painting and photography, as they are created through a lengthy process of artistic direction that shapes the raw material from Artificial Intelligence and Photography.

The evening featured a guided tour by Daniel Salvi, providing insights into the conceptual, artistic, and visual processes behind each work. During the event, guests had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory experience, consisting of a complete audio guide of the exhibition (available in Italian and English) and an olfactory experience, through the trial of a series of original fragrances inspired by each work, resulting from the collaboration with perfumer and artist Riccardo Barazzetta.

The opening night was completed by Salvi’s fascinating performance, which allowed visitors to enter the dreamlike and metaphysical realm of one of the goddesses from ‘Goddess & Muses’. Guests, entering individually into a dark room, were able to meet a living goddess and reflect in her mirror, under the big projected eye of the artist. The experience was created with the aim of triggering a fascinating introspection and creating a unique connection between the observer and the observed.

The exhibition ‘Goddesses & Muses’ is an invitation to a deep and personal journey, it’s art that becomes an experience that stimulates the senses and transports visitors into other mysterious dimensions, where it is possible to discover or rediscover hidden parts of ourselves.”


Artist and Graphic Designer, Daniel Salvi opened his own advertising agency at only 21 years old and has created international brand campaigns for Europe, Latin America, and China. In 2018, he became an assistant and direct student of the famous designer Armando Milani, under whose artistic direction he organized the “Ubuntu” exhibition at the MUBA Museum in Milan: here, some of his works were displayed alongside those of great names such as Milton Glaser and Massimo Vignelli. From 2023, he began the series of “Goddesses & Muses” through which he explores the depth of human nature, through its expression according to him the most pure, vital, and universal: the feminine.


Chiara Sticca Candellone is an art curator, architect, and journalist. She collaborates independently with museums, exhibition spaces, and galleries. Fascinated by the contemporary in all its facets, she searches for talents and promotes their art. She regularly writes for Italian and international magazines.

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