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On 25 May 2019, World Fashion Icon (WFI), opened a fashion evening that saw the crowd flocking to the Soul Club in the old town of Geneva in a very inspiring and innovative fashion ambiance, a relaxing lounge atmosphere of a rainy spring evening. The evening fascinated by its astute combination of presenting brilliantly designed haute couture of “Marantha” brand and young and refreshing sporty trend of “Romano XI” brand.

For this first edition of Geneva Fashion Icon, the organizers team behind World Fashion Icon were assisted by Olivier Joureau, IT Service Management and Developer out IT/Telecom and Cloud solutions; sponsored by the exclusive distributor of wine and champagne “Les Perrier domaine familial” that won the prix of the World Competition of Brussels in 2019; Health Universal Dental Service; Luxury Attitude Events Management; and Hotel**** Churchill.

The Soul Club location became a genuine fashion environment with a catwalk on red carpet, and this unprecedented spectacle in Geneva intrigued and interested the press, photographers and bloggers who covered the show extensively. The official video of the show was prepared by special guest and audio-visual specialist of « Monokrome », Malachi Kohan.

The event’s exclusive media partner Digital News Fashion attended the show and found it to be what had been missing in this international city that is Geneva: a truly professional style site where vibrant and rejuvenating fashion meets cosmopolitan and open-minded people. The program was opened by the 15-year-old talented Swiss designer Ralph Calle-Schulz and his “ROMANO XI” brand. Ralph’s collection was brought to the stage by 11 models, all students at Geneva international school Collège du Léman. On the catwalk, they portrayed spring’s awakening. It is true that warmer temperatures don’t necessarily dictate the choice of clothing, but rather the desire to dress well after a long drab winter, and in that sense, Romano XI’s collection emphasized two bright and stand-out colors — black and white. Black and white are quite elegant colors, but they are perfect as well for young and modern people who enjoy life to the fullest. The sports fabric in pure pima cotton allows freedom of movement and the feeling of a light breeze on spring and summer skin.

Marta Nanowska, a Polish violinist, who has been performing for 28 years on the stages of her native Poland and other parts of Europe as well as at important events in America and Asia as an orchestral musician, played two of her own fabulous compositions.
She is also the founder and designer of the fashion brand Marantha, whose essence is exclusive stage creations and unique designs, limited collections targeted at the most demanding women of success.
Now in collaboration with WFI, she presented her collection “La Mare” – very stylish and flattering dresses for the elegant woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Selected Pictures of the Spring Fashion Show

World Fashion Icon: Facebook/Instagram:

Marta Nanowska (Designer)- “Marantha”- Instagram & Facebook

Ralph Calle-Schulz (Designer)- “Romano XI”- Instagram:official_romano_

Photographer: Allan Corvaisier