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Lviv Orchestra Fashion

On September 8, a new collection of Marta Wachholz brand was presented in Lviv (Ukraine) with the accompaniment of the INSO-Lviv Symphony Orchestra. The experimental musical and fashion show was held by Lviv Fashion Week, under the auspices of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The concept of Marta Wachholz SS 2022 collection involves the use and interpretation of visual images of Kosiv ceramics and visual elements from the field of aviation. The motifs and colors of Kosiv ornaments, as well as the activities of the outstanding aircraft designer and inventor of Ukrainian descent Igor Sikorsky, who was the owner of Sikorsky Aircraft and aircraft and helicopter development engineer in the 1920s and 1950s, were the source of inspiration for creation of the collection. Marta Wachholz combined elements of Hutsul hand-painted ceramics with elements of aviation clothes – parachute straps, hats, pilots’ accessories, etc. It took 15-20 meters of fabric to make some dresses, the shape of which is a design allusion to parachutes.

The accompaniment and special atmosphere for the show were created by INSO-Lviv symphony orchestra and soloists MANU (electronics), Ostap Kostiuk (Hutsul wind instruments, vocals), Yarema Pavliv (violin), and Ulyana Horbachevska (vocals), whose modern electronic beats, folk Hutsul instruments and songs successfully complemented the sound of the orchestra. Ulyana Horbachevska – singer, actress, director, researcher of authentic ancient Ukrainian songs, – and composer Maria Oliynyk became the authors of the musical concept of the show. 

A unique fabric design with a pattern used on authentic Kosiv ceramic tiles was created for the collection. Kosiv ceramics is included in the UNESCO Representative List, and the use and interpretation of its visual images in the collection of the Lviv Orchestra Fashion project thus draws attention to the issue of cultural heritage preservation.

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