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Let’s Fall in Love – Luxury Fashion Show and Défilé Events Geneva 2018-2019

The designers of Swiss fashion are largely unknown internationally. They may well hold some potential, but they are not yet recognized for their great talents. However, in recent years, new talented designers have appeared who are now occupying the regional and national markets.

Geneva is a global city and a financial and global center of diplomacy, due to the presence of numerous international organizations, including the headquarters of many of the United Nations agencies, but Geneva also is a stronghold for fashion and its pleasures and is always obsessed with being genuine. Especially when it comes to giving life to a very particular creation.

Alila is one of the exceptions: Alila is a passionate designer with an incomparable experience and who has manufactured surprisingly elegant garments, creations that can also be seen in fashion shows and are bought by celebrities from around the world who visit Geneva.

Izabela ZofiaSwiton-Kulinska and Défilé Events led the event that took place in the Gallery Space of Alila brand at rue de la Cité 18, 1204 Geneve, Switzerland.

“Let’s Fall in Love” is the theme of the annual fashion show of Alila brand for the Autumn/Winter collection 2018/2019.

Khaled Alila presented a colorful fur and leather collection that according to his sloganembodies “Love, Elegance and Simplicity”.

Coats and jackets are ultra-chic and cozy. The other pieces are equally seductive: relaxed mesh; perfectly fitting leggings. Ultra-feminine and masculine pieces combine easily; shoes and pantyhosesare ready for the first drop in temperature and compose a spectacular dressing for the season and the wearer’s own style.

All guests were welcomed with a selection of champagne and wine, snacks, fine chocolate and a special gift. The fashion circle was presented with an evening entertainment of live classical music by Geneva-born pianist Doryan Emmanuel Rappaz and DJ Mordax.

Elena Bieber; fashion designer & image counselor

Organization: Défilé Events by Izabela ZofiaSwiton-Kulinska

Animation: Irma Lake

Models: Laura Coutou, Claudia Moggiani, Vanessa Williams, Blertina Hoxha, Deivid Santtos, Katya and Yulia Tartachnyk.

Photographer: Alexander Petrenko –

 Make-up: AryMagaña–Makeup artist From Mexico

Hairstyle: KatyaCaboussat


Alila Store

Rue de la Cité 18, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (22) 810 80 89

Cellular: +41 (78) 90 163 52


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