Dnepr Fashion Weekend is a great space for the promotion of Ukrainian fashion and a foremost reference.

This fashion show was held on 12 and 14 October 2018 in the historical museum Dmitry Yavornytsky.

Different brands were presented – E.P.P.S, SOKOLOVA INC, AMA unique, Cock and Vogue, Woolen Bloom, ANAMI, VIGIO (presentation), Jenadin, PM Glow, Morphine Ukraine, Marchi, and SAYYA by Luba Makarenko, among others.

Furthermore, fashion specialists offered talks on alternative ways to increase the Ukrainian fashion industry’s influence and impact, for example, with a study presented by the former Chief Editor of “l’Official” Ukrainian magazine Ana Varava.

In this framework study, Mrs Varava talked important points concerning fashion education and production, respecting the pillars of Dnipro city development. The challenge is that of rethinking the future of the fashion industry in Ukraine. People involved in the fashion circle are representatives of a society that must continue its evolutionary path on the discovery of new styles and innovative trends, thus positively contributing to the country’s economy.




AMA unique

Cock and Vogue

Woolen Bloom


Based on the principle that a garment makes only sense when a person chooses to wear it, the designers in Ukraine participated in the so-called Showroom, a direct sales place open to the public and kept open in the same place and on the same dates as Dnepr Fashion Weekend, where young artists exhibit their collections.

Dnepr Fashion Weekend has renewed its commitment to new design values and understands fashion as a balance between creativity, innovation, techniques and functionality. Elmira Polyayeva, who is the founder and organizer of Dnepr Fashion Weekend – now in its sixth season – considers that the creation of fashion is a process whose inspiration is born and ends on the streets, when the collection is put on sale.

Nowadays, this initial philosophy is more alive than ever.