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Emerging Talents Milan is a platform dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging designers in the fashion industry. Through its biannual fashion shows and presentations, Emerging Talents Milan provides a global stage for young designers to showcase their creativity, connect with industry professionals, and gain exposure in the international fashion arena.

Emerging Talents Milan is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for fashion and art. Together, we celebrate craftsmanship, foster innovation, and embrace the transformative power of creativity. We believe that by collaborating and supporting one another, we can collectively shape the future of the fashion industry and leave a lasting legacy.

Gianluca Alibrando: Elegance Redefined

Gianluca Alibrando and Emerging Talents Milan unveil the much-anticipated Spring-Summer 2024 collection, the epitome of Italian haute couture, at the historic Palazzo Visconti.

This season, Alibrando draws inspiration from the legendary opera diva, Maria Callas, on the occasion of her 100th anniversary. Each creation in this collection pays homage to her timeless grace, transcendent talent, and unwavering spirit. Expect a symphony of colors, fabrics, and silhouettes that evoke the same awe as Callas did on stage.

Gianluca Alibrando, an award-winning Italian designer, is a master of sartorial and couture collections that redefine elegance. With a portfolio adorned by Hollywood’s elite on the red carpets of Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, his creations are the epitome of sophistication and style.

Eyewear: Bayria
Hats: Antica Cappelleria Martello, Bistrusso, Velette Sospette
Shoes: Deichmann
Art Director: Tariel Bisharyan
Beauty Director and Key Makeup Artist: Valeria Orlando
Makeup Team: VOR Academy and Royal Academy of MakeUp

Makeup Sponsor: VOR Makeup
Key Hair Stylist: Antonio Iengo
Hair Team: Fashion For Future
Hair Sponsor: Kleral
Backstage Director: Giuliana Bortolato
Casting Director: Josip Grabovac
Lighting and Set: Family Studio Srl
Music: Wego FTS
Soprano: Emanuela Scirea

For information:
+39 329 9866780

Laveau | Confidently Lost. Celebrate finding the way.

The Nova Effect, the alluding possibility that everything happens for a reason. In the beginning, it may seem like a misfortune; but it could open the door to unimaginable possibilities. It is unpredictable, but it is always in motion.

As we go about our lives, we will encounter ups and downs, like the ocean waves crashing in and out, engulfing everything in their path. As we grow and mature, we will learn to appreciate the laws of nature. When one learns to feel love, they must also accept the risk of feeling hate. Only after experiencing sadness can we appreciate happiness. Through adversity, we learn to love properly. We are perfect and imperfect in the most complicated but beautiful way possible. Confidently lost in a world worth discovering.

We say color is king, a vibrant companion along the journey of life’s unknowns, ups and downs. So we create bright and surreal prints that are boisterous and out of the ordinary inspired by life’s battle scars. Laveau embraces pleats, ruffles, cutouts and soft fabrics that tastefully showcase the feminine form.

Laveau’s prints are inspired by the symbols from our past. No two pieces are ever the same, just like our uniqueness as individuals. We believe there’s beauty in imperfection, but when it comes to quality, we draw the line. We’re fastidious with our small batch production and live for more sustainably-minded design choices. When you embrace your uniqueness, you can face the world brightly, boldly and beautifully.

Claudia Bertolero

A remarkable woman who is impetuous, creative, and a lover of equestrian sports. She came from an Italian-Peruvian family and grew up in Lima. Her work, now in her atelier in Lima, Peru, the numerous prestigious awards, the countless fashion shows, and the various appearances on the front pages of newspapers are just a few examples of how Claudia has grown not only as a renowned fashion designer but also as a human being. Her enthusiasm for fashion and life is evident in her work, as fashion is her life and horses her passion.

4 Steps Collection

A journey through cultures, colors, and textures that evoke an adventure of personal experiences and emotions.

We travel through environmental tones, sunbeams, gradients of green, touches of blue, pink, and black; the prints pay tribute to flowers on different scales.

The materials range from Italian brocade, linen, Peruvian cotton, oriental silks, and chiffons.

This entire collection entails large-scale craftsmanship in embroidery, embossed leather accessories, and hand-painted pieces.

We invite you to discover Claudia Bertolero’s universe with her new Spring Summer 2024 4 Steps collection, representing maturity, acquired wisdom, experience, and vision in her profession throughout her career.


Anovi is a brand of handmade women’s wear in Croatia, with Ivona Glavas as the owner and fashion designer. It was founded on the 11th of November, 2014 in Split, where the designing studio is located..

In the latest collection which will be presented in Milan at the Emerging Talents fashion show, fashion brand Anovi will present ten creations. Suits, dresses and coats that are made of wool, cashmere, cotton, latex and scuba. The new collection is told through olive green, black and white colors, which the designer has been faithful to for years and each creation is decorated with gold or silver buttons with the brand’s logo.

Through three colors, the collection evokes combinations that have recognizable Anovi elements such as femininity, refinement, elegance and romance. They are presented in designs with puff sleeves, accentuated waist and open back. Simplicity, as well as attention to detail, dominate Anovi’s fashion solutions and they brilliantly emphasize the female silhouette.

The designer found inspiration for this collection in the everyday life of a woman who, regardless of her hectic pace of life, still finds time for herself and wants to feel like a lady in every moment, bold and cannot go unnoticed with her style wherever she goes. All creations are comfortably adapted to be wearable depending on the way they are combined with shoes and accessories.


Ilda Humić

A woman, a mother, a manager and an influencer, born in a town of Kalesija, where her eccentric taste in fashion marked her as a complete outsider.

Her love toward the clothes turned into a hobby, which transformed into a blog, moved to Instagram, YouTube and TikTok which made her more than just recognizable with her unique synergy of comedy, love for fashion and general lively mishaps. Today, along with her husband, she runs Humperia and a brand Hi by Ilda.

Her ideal is a working woman, balancing X million tasks in a single day, where she needs to be ready to tackle everything her schedule throws at her, from morning to midnight.

Collection Zero

The Collection Zero reflects just that, a working woman, grappling with her schedule in the early hours of the day, muscling through a busy cocktail/lunch appointment, and still being ready for glamorous evening… The collection is also a reflection of her inner bohemian style, inspired by the mixture of 40s and 70s vibes, brought into the context of 21st century.

The Muse

The Muse Spring Summer 2024 collection is a testimony to the elegance and refinement of nature. In the world of globalization and centralization, we need to be reminded that rewinding from the chaos of cities acknowledges our need to connect with nature. The collection incorporates The Muse’s signature sharp lines and silhouettes that will appear in bold yet muted forms reminiscent of urban style clothing.

The collection consists of transitional models that symbolize the essence and silhouette of “The Muse”. The material choice is mostly vegan leather, hand embroidered spandex, sophisticated braided and pleated elements as well as hand knitted and hand embroidered details. True to the house’s philosophy “create to inspireMane Khachatryan (“The Muse” Founder and Chief Designer) brought together the DNA of the house and constructivism. “The Muse” was founded in 2015 in Yerevan, Armenia.

The brand is now represented in more than 10 countries worldwide. Besides presenting two main collections each year – the house creates bespoke outfits for clients from all over the world. The brand has been collaborating with such Italian textiles houses as Alta Moda, Lanificio Cangioli etc.

ElSi Couture Unveils “Past in Present” Collection: A Fusion of Centuries, Styles, and Souls

Old Italian Venice Meets New American Edge in a Bold Couture Narrative

ElSi Couture, the eminent name in the world of high fashion, is set to captivate Milan Fashion Shows with the debut of their much-anticipated collection, “Past in Present.” This extraordinary showcase is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity, artistry, and storytelling through fashion.

Key Highlights of “Past in Present”:

Timeless Fabrics, Timeless Craftsmanship: ElSi Couture’sPast in Presentcollection is an ode to the finest materials in the fashion world. Each gown is meticulously crafted using the most luxurious of fabrics – taffeta, silk, tulle, and lace. The result is a symphony of textures and hues that reflect the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

Venetian Opulence Meets Urban Edge: The heart of “Past in Present” lies in the juxtaposition of old Italian Venice style couture dresses with a contemporary twist – rubber style boots. This bold fusion of eras and styles symbolizes the seamless connection between the grandeur of the past and the vibrancy of the present.

An Ode to Timeless Female Spirit: At the core of “Past in Present” lies a celebration of the enduring nature of women across eras. This collection is an exploration of the unchanging psychology and essence of women, a tribute to their resilience and adaptability through time.

A Story of Rebirth: The concept of “Past in Present” is born out of a period of reflection and exploration during the COVID-19 pandemic. It represents a powerful message of acknowledging one’s roots, embracing the past, and using it as a foundation to create a vibrant and empowered present.

The Rizkianto’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Launch at Emerging Talents During Milan Fashion Week.

Entitled Intrigue, The Rizkianto’s 10-look collection is inspired by opera: its grandeur, and the art form’s ability to both invoke curiosity and fascinate – the very definition of intrigue. Drawing upon the glamour of the great Divas of Italian Opera – the likes of Callas, Bartoli, and Normanas well as the dramatic traditionalism of Sinden (Indonesian Opera) which is exemplified by the collection’s use of lace, and overlaying of fabrics, Intrigue provides a rich mix of east and west.

As The Rizkianto’s Creative Director, Dery Rizkianto, explained, “this collection intrigued me from the outset, so Intrigue just made sense. Anyone who knows me knows I love monochrome. For this collection though I was curious about expanding beyond black and white as I wanted to bring more color into my design to capture Opera which is definitely not a black and white art form. So, I’ve added red and yellow to my palette, but my signature silhouette to create a contemporary sexy, yet classic design, remains.”

About The Rizkianto:

Founded in 2023, The Rizkianto is a women’s fashion brand, focused on providing contemporary design and tailoring to enhance the natural beauty and confidence of today’s woman. The Rizkianto is under the creative direction of its founder, Dery Rizkianto.

Julianto | Flames

The designer finds inspiration in Earth and Fire for the ten looks he presented at the Runway Show, Emerging Talents Milan Spring/Summer 2024, in Milan, Italy, on Thursday, September 21, 2023. The collection is aptly
themed: FLAMES.

“The Fire Element encapsulates my passionate journey in the world of fashion. Meanwhile, the Earth Element represents the foundation that | stand upon,” Julianto explained the concept behind his new collection.

The Julianto Label

The Julianto fashion brand was established in 2011. Over the years, Julianto’s collections have graced prestigious international runways, including New York Fashion Week in 2019 and Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2018.

Julianto’s designs have been seen on numerous celebrities, contestants in major beauty pageants and renowned singers, such as Rossa, Krisdayanti, Raisa, Titi DJ, Raline Shah, Melly Goeslow, and many others.

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