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Eat Bitter, a feature documentary, directed by two local women (Pascale Appora-Gnekindy and Ningyi Sun) and produced by Mathieu Faure, is having its Swiss premiere at Vision du Réel (Grand Angle competition)!

The film features two Chinese and Central African families and was shot in Bangui, Central African Republic, and Feicheng, China.

Eat Bitter team is seeking distribution opportunities and is ready to meet potential partners and buyers during the festival!

The screening times and locations are Théâtre de Marens on April 25 (3:30pm) and  Grande Salle, April 28 (10:00am). If you can’t make it to the screenings, we are more than happy to provide a private screener.

Director Ningyi Sun will attend both screenings and answer questions during Q&As moderated by the film festival.

Eat Bitter just had its world premiere at CPH:DOX two weeks ago. We are also selected for Atlanta Film Festival (Atlanta, US), Hot Docs (Toronto, Canada), and Doc Edge (New Zealand).

Description of the film

EAT BITTER is a character-driven verité film set in the Central African Republic. We are one of the poorest in the world but rising from the ashes. Construction is flourishing in the capital Bangui. As in other African countries, skilled migrants from China drive this modernization. But behind this so-called progress, workers sacrifice their dignity, abuse their bodies, and spoil the environment to extract sand, an essential construction material. And this disappearing sand impels them to take ever more risks to obtain it.

Through the parallel stories of Chinese immigrants and locals, the film captures the journeys of two opposed communities, cultures, and men. It chronicles how they learn to work together with the same goal in mind: to build a bank, a symbol of power and money.