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Dnepr Fashion Weekend on the 24-26th May 2019: fashion shows, workshops, showroom and more

Dnepr Fashion Weekend is an official Prêt-à-porter fashion for men and women. This event becomes once again the absolute protagonist of the Ukrainian designers in scene. This means three days, with a vast array of presentations of Spring/Summer trends for 2019/2020.

Dnepr is officially a cultural event launching sculptors, painters, artists, educational lectures, workshopsperformances, showroom, foreign designers and emerging talents.

While Dnepr certainly boasts with some famous names when it comes to the runways sometimes the off-the-catwalk scene can be just as inspiring. As high temperatures hit the Ukrainian city over the weekend, short-sleeve shirts to relaxed trousers to inspired dresses and T-shirts, people appealed to everyone from the traditionalists to the trend-savvy.

P.S. Studio Fashion Consulting Group funder of Dnepr Fashion Weekend with the magazine «All Inclusive» was accompanied with prestigious luxury companies as «Victor and Sons», «Motor Bank», «Business Com» Dnepr Fashion Weekend event was held at the conceptually new location in the Volodarsky Garment factory. This place historically was a garment industry in the Yekaterinoslav times.

Dnepr Fashion Weekend opened a new season with a round table where all the fashion-insiders discussed topics on updating modern technologies in the fashion industry.

In this event of attended Ukrainian brands as SEREBROVA, SAYYA, E.P.P.S., GLOW, MAXA, PITONIO, PUCHKA, PERS, PORRIMA. Every designer with a professional potential were able to work in their own styling workshops.

Yuliya Aysina, was the special guest of the event her collection focuses a body art in her dresses with a feminine and elegant style.

During the three days into the rooms of Fashion Zone of the Volodarsky Garment factory, Ukrainian and foreign designers gave an exhibition of their talented work such as clothes, shoes and accessories to the best prices. The educational program of the event consisted of a master class in drawing “Neuro-tree of Desires” from Tatiana Alyoshina and Tatiana Poshenyuk, a lecture from CULT Fashion Group stylist Tanya Kozubova on the theme: “The realities of the stylist’s work”, fashion-brunch with Mariana Steshenko ; about the fashion week: the history of development in the world and Ukraine, a master class “Step to yourself” by Yana Chebotova, motivational brunch with Yana Linkova on the topic “How to manage everything and stay in harmony», as well as an exclusive workshop by Lyuba Makarenko, founder of the brand SAYYA .

Dnepr Fashion Weekend also offered a unique opportunity to receive grants for talented designers.

Divo Cherevichki’s shoe designers showed their collection on the runway of the event. Elena Sereda, the founder of the Business Women’s Ukraine project, gave presents to children. Dyvosvit’school developed their creative potential in the field of design.

On the last days of the Dnepr Fashion Weekend, were held a young designer’s competition «Plus Size» nomination, where the finalist got the opportunity to intern in the fashion boutique of New York, as well as a cash grant to develop their own brand EUR 1,000. Ten candidates were selected among 50 participants in the semi-final.

All in all, the guests had a cheerful time at the event, provided by a talented DJ, also sweet desserts by Holy Bun coffee shop were offered.

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