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Berdyansk Fashion Day – SS 2019

Digital News Fashion this summer craving adventures and celebrating the colors of fashion, they are waiting for us now at “Berdyansk Fashion Day”. Join us on a journey along the Ukrainian roads or merge ethnic influences between East and West, North and South where we will find new fashion designers fascinated by the current trends in seaside fashion, cool outfits for the day at the beach and also stylish sport with precise finishes with a variety of prints.

The 2018 fashion summer seduces with refined and refined styles that give all women and men a magnificent look … and will go to the Bonne Découverte to Berdyansk!

The organizer of the Fashion Day event is Gayane Vardikian who explained her project to colleagues of Oblik.Media: Gayane, tell us how did you come up with the idea to organize the Berdyansk Fashion Day?

Theme of fashion shows I was interested a very long time. On the one hand, my love of the fashion world, on the other, the admiration of talented people, led to the idea of creating a professional platform for talent that will unite customers of fashion houses and brands, journalists of leading and professional publications, bloggers, opinion leaders, representatives of the creative elite, business owners and many others. Berdyansk Fashion Day became the first professional platform in Ukraine, which is designed to support talented designers and creative people, to give the opportunity to show their collections absolutely free. All collections will be selected from the competent jury.

The purpose of the Berdyansk Fashion Day is to open and support promising talented designers, to popularize their creativity, to promote the development of the fashion industry, to conduct educational programs in the fashion industry. Berdyansk is a beautiful city on the shore of the Sea of Azov, and it can be not only tourist, but also have the status of a fashionable city of Ukraine.

Berdyansk Fashion Day Collection SS 2018-19

The main message of advertising company of the fourth season of Berdyansk Fashion Day (SS – 2019) sounds actual and affirmative – “Live in Peace”.  Fashion show of spring – summer collections will take place on August 18 in the glass hall of the city Palace of Culture. Hence the slogan BFD- “Where is culture – there is a world, where the world – there is a culture”

The image for the advertising company was created by the famous designer Gurgen Vardikyan in collaboration with graphic designer and stylist Anastasia Bolshunova, hair stylist (MalinoBeautyClub) Yulia Panko, make-up artist Marina Laer, photographer Julia Pekna and Elena Barachevskaya (photo processing).

Faces of BFD became models of Sea Models agency Alexander, Tatyana.calling “Live in Peace”, BFD speaks AGAINST the WAR! The occupation of the east, shelling, death, pain and tears continue from year to year. No one has any doubts that we all need to unite and say “NO WAR”!

Peace in the world is the main goal and the cherished desire of all mankind. These words live in the hearts of people and are reflected in the cultures of different countries and all world religions! You can achieve peace thanks to a culture of thoughts, behavior, and culture of life. Today, the multi-faceted inner world of man, unfortunately, was “overboard”: not fashionable and not necessary.

But it is in the inner world, in the depths of the soul, that what leads man to the path of culture lies.

“Live in Peace” is the call of BFD to love the neighbor, to unite, to make everyone’s inner culture a fashionable trend that would combine a peaceful life and beauty. This is indicated by the promotional cam of the fourth season of BFD. “To live in Peace” means to live without war, hatred and enmity. The peace, the same as cultural heritage of mankind, has eternal values. They depend solely on us, on each individual person. Outside the culture peace cannot be existed, without culture there is no evolution of man. The art of making clothes is made to make the hearts of people a little lighter and kinder, to awake the ideals of charity in everyone’s mind. That is why, within the framework of the BFD, with the support of the Berdyansk city organization of the party BLOCK PETRO POROSHENKO “SOLIDARITY”, there will be a charity competition of children’s drawings “Live in Peace”

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Photos by Courtesy Gavrilenko