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Under the heading “76th Cannes Film Festival 2023”, our digital magazine Digital News Fashion would like to welcome “INTEGRITY MAGAZINE” to the new season of international cinema in Cannes, and we are pleased to share with you Integrity Magazine’s fascinating special edition of “The 2023 Cannes Film Festival Showcase & Integrity Awards”.

If it’s true that spring embodies awakening, renewal, and change, it’s also why we must publish about the diverse and prestigious innovation forum that INTEGRITY MAGAZINE (re-)presents!

Regarding fashion, the year 2023 begins with a diversity of outstanding game plans – showcase packages for the most daring and up-and-coming as much as well-seasoned artists of the fashion circle, and not to forget – subtle choreographic elements to underline the importance of the event.

This fashion-related edition during the 76th Cannes Film Festival 2023 will also welcome photographers and fashion journalists, bloggers, and designers who will witness sublime fashion shows that will see divine models bring unmatched class to the catwalk.

This event will witness an innovative and all-inclusive exhibition concept, and many designers of accessories and jewelry will also showcase their sought-after works of art on live models and actors, all supported by the fantastic inspiration of stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers doing what they do best: put the spotlight on the gorgeous accessories that are stars in their own right.

And what is more, all the fabulous looks and styles will be given special attention with exclusive photography throughout the event.

You’ll miss out on something spectacular if you don’t get your seat in the front row of this high-caliber event on time. So: don’t delay.

LeeAnne recently played the character of Aleah in the dark fantasy film “Dagon: Troll World Chronicles” featuring, among others, Tim Curry and Sean Cronin, in this story about gangster trolls, demons, goblins, and an abducted human child.

Welcome to Integrity Magazine, a magazine that is diverse in all ways. The content you will find in the magazine will always be fresh and varied and current to on going situations. We will cover many aspects of life, there will be topics and articles on Fashion, Film, Music, Beauty, Art, Business and Charity, we also feature ‘The Poem Of The Month’, that is normally very topical to todays events.


LeeAnne Lockwood

Owner of Integrity Magazine-TV & Radio 
London-United Kingdom

Robert Meader

Integrity Press – Photographer – Présenter 
London-United Kingdom 
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