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The Fall Winter 2024/25 collection of SAN ANDRÈS MILANO focuses on a wardrobe centered on the study of neutral volumes, pieces capable of being worn by the male or female body, an over-size fit with a genderless concept, reminiscences of a childhood where there are no prejudices but only the desire to be ourselves.

Infancy is precisely the protagonist of the Mexican-born designer’s inspiration: a seemingly distant memory made of scenes dear to the memory of Andrès Caballero, founder and creative director of the brand, but common to many. The impatience to enter the adult world, playing with mom’s clothes or dad’s office suit, having fun portraying one role or another, seeking adventure and with overflowing imagination.

Once we have grown up for real, immersed in daily routines and complexities of life, we realize that childhood is ageless, a timeless state of mind, and as the years go by, we must preserve it. The SAN ANDRÈS MILANO silhouette takes inspiration from classic Italian tailoring but Andrès plays with sprinkled details in Swarovski crystals and ostrich feathers over noble fabrics ranging from wool to cashmere with hints of lamé. With this special collection, the designer’s intention is to preserve and nourish the eternal child in each of us.


Andrès Caballero, born in Mexico in 1981, moves to Italy to study fashion in earlies 2000. After years trying to find his artistic and professional personality travelling between England and France, he comes back to his first love – Milan – where he choose to settle down his personal and professional life. SAN ANDRÈS MILANO is a mix between the emotional background of the Mexican Designer and the typical Italian tailoring technique.

“Before being a fashion designer, I ’am a traditional tailor”.

Andrès Caballero