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Montegallo Alice Catena SS22: “Vienna with love” in Milano Fashion Week – SS 2022 – 2023

For the new Spring-Summer 2022 collection, designer Alice Catena continues Montegallo’s sophisticated stylistic research, starting from the unmistakable, iconic and famous Viennese style. A journey that dialogues with its own time and becomes the must-have trend of next summer.

The non-stop flow of nature’s vital energies stimulates an authentic graphic-material study and transforms a poor material into a luxurious accessory, thanks to the laborious workmanship of expert hands.

The similarity between the weaving of Vienna Straw and the historical Montegallo Straw has led to new experiments, entrusted to women’s work, often carried out at home where great attention and patience become the hallmark of perfection.

New geometries animate a game of shadow and light that give even more charm and mystery to those who wear Montegallo hats and bags. Unconventional, sophisticated, elegant, versatile and indispensable, Montegallo’s woven straw and Vienna straw hats become the refined accessory to slip into your holiday suitcase or wear around town.

In addition to the “Vienna” capsule, the hat collection offers a wide range of models in detailed collections. The “Lady Collection” features Lady and Big Sombrero, Lady and Big Fedora, Lady Bogart, Lady Homburg, Lady Boater, Lady Texan and Lady Tiara. In the “Big Hats Collection” the models Pamela, Rossella, and the irreplaceable Big Fringe and Super Fringe stand out. In the Unique Collection, the models Cone, Lolita, Dulì and Reading, the sophisticated straw visor, stand out. Finally, we find the “Liberty Collection” with the Liberty model in woven straw and Liberty fabric ribbon, the Travel Hat with its coloured ribbon, for the practicality of its soft, foldable and roll-up shape that accompanies every trip, and the Bandana Hat, with its original combination of a sophisticated bandana and a straw brim to put on top.

The sophisticated and refined choice of colours blends with the art of weaving and working with straw, handed down from generation to generation, creating unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. The colour palette of the straw ranges from black to burnt earth and sienna, from natural ecru to rope, and the bands accentuate the tones with bold, bold colour tips.

For those who love a hat that always looks different, the indispensable “Ribbons box” allows you to change the ribbon and match it to the look of the day.

Much more than just accessories, the hats in the SS22 Montegallo Alice Catena collection are a celebration of beauty and Joie de Vivre, a symbol of boundless diversity for personal and artistic self-expression.

The accessories – with large, medium and small “Rosa bags and Anna bags” in natural and Vienna straw, and the “wedge” with the strap made of leather in the various tones of the collection and the heel is in flat worked natural straw – complete the Montegallo collection, whose mission is the recovery of the Marche craft tradition, values, femininity and timeless elegance, continuing to amaze with proposals that revolutionise and emphasise the outfit worn.

In the online shop you can create your own Montegallo from a selection of materials and colours. A unique and exclusive hat model with the combination that best interprets your style.

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