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Monte-Carlo 10th Anniversary Fashion Week (MCFW) 2023

A destination to discover: Monte -Carlo is a historic city, but it’s also modern, dynamic, and open to the world like no other. It’s a sought-after place for creatives, hedonists, and aesthetes, who find inspiration for today’s lifestyle in its cultural richness and diversity.

Federica Nardoni Spinetta, President, and Founder of the Chambre Monegasque de la Mode (CMM) created the MCFW in 2013, which is now in its 11th edition and, ran from 17 to 21 May 2023, celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Ten Monegasques brands represent the “Made in Monaco” in the MCFW, and at least 49 international brands kept connected with CMM.

Federica Nardoni-Spinetta — President & Founder of the MCFW.
Wearing Genny for the opening of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2023 @gennyofficial. Photo @gabrielerigon

It is in this harmonious city that Digital News Fashion met up with Inès Bensalah who is a member of the CMM and founder/designer of her own eco-sustainable brand Inessa Creations.

In 2019, before her undergraduate studies at the International University of Monaco, she met Federica Nardoni-Spinetta and joined the CMM, and a few weeks later, she received the “Made in Monaco Emerging Award” from the CMM. The same year, she created her own brand, Inessa Creations. She is very much aware of the traction that green living, sustainability, and zero-waste lifestyles have gained, and she is now improving her collections with a view to using natural fiber for sustainable fashion, all with the purpose of preserving our environment.

Inès Bensalah MCFW Conferences Coordinators & founder/designer of her own brand Inessa Creations.

This is a real source of pride for Inès Bensalah, who is also very involved in personal development, mentoring of young designers in the CMM, entrepreneurship, coordinating of the MCFW calendar and featuring of presentations and conferences by renowned fashion leaders.

Federica Nardoni-Spinetta, President and Founder of the CMM, Inès Bensalah and Terence Bray, Conference Coordinators, welcomed the diverse group of artists, designers, models, journalists and special guests at the Tenth Anniversary edition of the MCFW 2023 — showcasing summer trends full of harmony: exotic, enchanting, creative and electric —  a mix that unfolds all its magic during vacation time and in everyday life.

A special thanks to the MCFW team:

Artistic Director: Rosa Anna Trinchese
General Secretary: Mireilli Pietri
Mentor (Young Designers): Inès Bensalah
Francesca Spinetta: Digital Marketing MCFW
Press Office: Guitar Advertising ¬ PR
Catwalk Director: Stefano Bini
Beauty Consultant: Roberto Rosini
Backstage Manager: Denise Denegri
Photographers: Daniele Guidetti/Gabriele Rigon/Saverio Chiappalone
Video: Fashion Channel/Laura Scatena
Graphic Designer: Alessandra Spinetta 
Monte-Carlo 10th Anniversary Fashion Week (MCFW) 2023