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Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s Fall Winter 18 collection is inspired by the blending of opposing elements; feminine and masculine, hard and soft, positive and negative. Zadeh explored these themes by the blending of textures, silhouettes and colors as a visual representation of an internal exploration. Oversized masculine suiting in corduroys and plaids paired with feminine corsets and intimates created a harmonic fusion of contrasting ideas with vibrant florescent hues in stark visual contrast with the soft, subdued tones of silk

Patchwork motifs featured heavily in the collection; soft, transparent patchwork sleeves on delicate silk blouses juxtaposed against a hand painted patchwork on the back of a reworked, oversized men’s motorcycle jacket.

« What is always underneath is on the inside, transparent soul, also inside heart symbol in the collection love invisible and bones vertebrae in jewelry. what is underneath always remains. »

True to form, Nassir Zadeh’s accessories have an element of novelty, introducing new shapes and textures including metallic sparkle, PVC and woven leather. Bags are simple yet graphic including a plaid plastic square handbag and small woven bags with beaded straps and tassels. Jewelry this season is a matter of the heart, Nassir Zadeh sending large heart-shaped necklaces inspired by honeycomb down the runway.