March 2019 – Borsalino presents its new S/S 2019 collection with a strong colorful campaign preview shot by renowned photographer Joseph Cardo. It is a continuation of the relaunch of the brand that reinterprets the aesthetic codes of its past to build a new idea of beauty that will carry an icon of elegance of style with over 160 years of history into the future.

“What is more beautiful than rediscovering oneself by re-reading one’s time? What is a memory if it isn’t a rip in remembrance in which we see ourselves again, our lives, understanding its beauty that emerges from the rip and that reforms itself and welds our contemporaneity?” asks Giacomo Santucci, Creative Curator of Borsalino. “An artistic action, the rip, the awareness of this remembrance, associated with another artistic action that colors this emerging universe. In a sophisticated and conceptually acrobatic photographic and graphic interpretation, Joseph conveys the idea of memory and of photographic “art & craft” as a sublimation of joy, beauty and art.”

“It is a project that has helped me understand the absence of barriers between all forms of artistic expression, where there is only one victor: beauty,” Photographer Joseph Cardo explains. “Working on a brand and its history through the play of emotions and surprises goes beyond photography; it is like playing with a magnifying lens that opens new perspectives and makes it possible to go beyond, bringing the skill and the necessary sense of beauty to make the photograph a work of art comparable to the other arts.”

The images of the new advertising campaign will be previewed exclusively in all Borsalino boutiques worldwide and across Maison’s social networks.

Photographer: Joseph Cardo

Models: Stella Lucia, Sam Stratton, Zelda Smyth, Igor Kapitanets

Agency: Monster Agency, Wonderwall AG

Location: Milan, Italy


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