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BORSALINO – Fall Winter 2019/2020 Collection

On Saturday, February 23rd Digital News Fashion attended the Borsalino Showroom in Milan. This was part of the anxiously awaited yearly “Milano Fashion Week – Moda Donna”.

It was therefore no surprise that all the most famous Italian brands were present, with a calendar full of presentations and fashion shows –from Armani to Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo to Dolce & Gabbana, Prada to Gucci.

While models moved from one catwalk event to the next, we visited the traditional house of Borsalino in Via Sant Andrea 5.

When we arrived at this prestigious “House of Hats”, the first wish to come to our thought was to call one of the Borsalino hats our own, to be worn with a dark suit — because when you think of Borsalino, you speak of rich workmanship and pure elegance.

Borsalino products are available in its 9 flagships boutiques and in approximately 550 selected point of sales worldwide, as well as through its official website.

As the Italian producer and journalist Giacomo Lesoonce said: “Borsalino is the charm of legend.” The great movie stars are invariably equipped by this emperor of clothing elements: the hat.

The famous “House of Hats” also creates clothing collections to match its hats. Elegant as a legend, legendary as the history of cinema.

Among the autumn-winter models, highly appreciated not only in Italy but also in the great capitals of the world, the protagonists are undoubtedly the hats, and accessories could be a classic striped suit or the three-piece suit, the wool pullover with a tall collar, the velvet jacket, the silk scarf, the raincoat that turns into a coat. And then the ties and shirts, often white, and gloves– all to accompany the famous hat.


Hats and accessories, all “Made in Italy”, produced directly in the hats and fine felt hats factory in Alessandria or in selected tailoring workshops of Italian factories.

The Borsalino has over time managed to create a legendary charm as element of clothing that characterizes the golden age of Hollywood, where everybody, actors or not, wore one. The Borsalino hat is the icon of black and white movies, which saw the hat as a distinctive element of mobsters, policemen and private investigators, and whose shadow actually increased the mystery and the enigma.

What man has never dreamed of living passions and adventures like Humphrey Bogart, Alain Delon, Jean Paul Belmondo or Cary Grant when viewing one of the old movies? What man has never wanted to embody classand the ability to conquer wonderful and mysterious women?

To inspire the modern man, a touch of Borsalino may be quite useful.

If you wish to know more about Borsalino’s story – Design Icon Craftsmanship–view the story at the Borsalino website:

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