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Fashion designer Philipp Plein presented the Billionaire Spring/Summer 2024 collection on Friday, 16 June 2023, during the Milan Fashion Week (MFW).

This season, the focus is on tailored details., The collection is very elegant and as far from traditional wearing as can be. Blazers and jackets are bold, of a multicolored variety, decorated with a graphic floral print, and flamingo and palm tree print shirts add a vibrant tropical tone. A lightweight snakeskin jacket with a pink linen suit and matching shirt and tie add a touch of swagger to the style.

Here is a little bit of background on the Billionaire brand

By Francia Corta Village

Billionaire Italian Couture, established in 2005 by creative businessman Flavio Briatore, is the first high fashion line for men to offer a real alternative in a sector which, unlike women’s haute couture, continues to be fairly standardised and anonymous. The brand constantly searches out original details that express quality and refinement, but also eccentricity, in which the Italian tradition of a classical but sophisticated taste for fashion and elegance is constantly enriched with refined elements that point to the future.

The man who chooses Billionaire Italian Couture is a man who wants to stand out, and by wearing these garments he knows he is wearing something that is unique, immediately recognisable and, most importantly, conveys emotions. It is no coincidence that the brand has won over exceptional personalities like Paul McCartney, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Geoffrey Moore (the son of Roger and a famous restaurant owner), the footballer David Beckham and world rugby champion Mike Tindall, without forgetting Puff Daddy, who is a habitual wearer of the brand’s famous watch cuff shirts, which have been rechristened “Cuff Daddy” in his honour. Because Billionaire Italian Couture represents men’s tailoring at its most luxurious extreme. While at times it is deliberately over the top, it is always refined and never loses sight of the importance of the finest tailoring and the ability to express the wearer’s personality.

Recently a line for children was introduced, created with the collaboration of Elisabetta Gragoraci. It is a collection made entirely by hand, using high quality, hypoallergenic materials, all rigorously Made in Italy. Billionaire Italian Couture creations have a soul and a history, because they are all rigorously handmade in small Italian artisan workshops in limited editions, with meticulous care taken over the choice of fabrics, materials and details. And most importantly because Billionaire Italian Couture represents a lifestyle and a way of feeling and being unmistakable.

The Billionaire brand was bought by Philipp Plein back in 2016.

Prestigious boutiques and department stores are now open across the globe and in over 110 mono-brand stores worldwide, including flagships in Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Shanghai and Singapore.


In a splash of champagne and surrounded by luxury, Digital News Fashion attended one of the most exclusive Made in Italy collections.

BILLIONAIRE is for men who appreciate style and elegance.

“I am proud to have acquired 100% of this brand, which allows me to express an aesthetic and to bring to life a style very different to that of the PHILIPP PLEIN brand. BILLIONAIRE is a brand with a very precise DNA and intended for confident men who are not afraid to be special on formal occasions and classic on special occasions,” says Philipp Plein.

The brand’s style, as the designer himself defines it, is “haute couture with elements of glamorous designs”. Philipp Plein’s clothing is for trendy people who shape their own style and experiment with looks. Philipp Plein fashion is unconventional and provocative. It is a mixture of styles, focused on the latest fashion trends, design and architecture. The ability to choose the most interesting aspects of the surrounding world is expressed and tailored in the Philipp Plein collections.


One of the special guests at the Billionaire Fashion Show held in the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan was Myles Christian Turner, who came accompanied by his sister and friends. They had travelled over directly from the US to take part in the show and the MFW. Myles is a renowned American professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers with an easy-going personality, sporting his very own fashion style, as he eloquently showed off on the sidelines of the fashion show.

Four Seasons Hotel – Milan