What is fashion

People say I dress great & different


Fashion is HOW you carry your clothes off. It doesn't matter how expensive your clothes are, or what brand they belong to, you can make yourself look like a million dollars by just feeling comfortable with the colors and clothes that you choose for yourself. You just have to be conscious about your choice, don't be passive and be all like "clothes just need to cover my body" or "OMG this is the latest ensemble that's been trending all over the internet and magazines." I've seen people buy exactly what mannequins wear with the misplaced hope of resembling them, a mannequin never has a real human's proportions so don't be misled! Wear clothes that you're comfortable and confident in, your persona is a very essential part of your daily wardrobe. I've seen women buy six inch heels and walk like new born calves or grab on to their boyfriend's arm just to be able to walk and that to me is extremely unfashionable. Be happy about your choice of clothes and feel happy wearing them! That's the secret to great fashion!


Kastoori Barua, post grad Literature student, writer, Anime fan and blogger