20 January, 2022
Ukrainian fashion: Berdyansk Fashion Day Season 3

Ukrainian fashion: Berdyansk Fashion Day Season 3

On October 21, the Berdyansk Fashion Day of the Spring / Summer-2018 season was held at the RIO Entertainment Center. Eight different and interesting Ukrainian designers united the third season of the Berdyansk Fashion Day.

The fashion show was launched with the presentation of the teaser roll of the new VARDIKYAN brand collection called "SATIRA", shot by director Oganes Khachatryan.

One of the main events of the third season of the Berdyansk Fashion Day was an exclusive demonstration of a new brand line of VARDIKYAN. Gurgen Vardikyan collection "Satire" is a satire, a sharp manifestation of the comic in art, irony as a means of expressing personal opinion. The collection contains actual images of different styles to show the uniqueness of each person. All people are different and simultaneously similar to each other in joy, daydreaming and love … The collection uses wool and cotton, as well as the actual colors for the next spring and summer.

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The basis for the collection of the beginning Kharkov designer Maria Kuliyeva, the Maria Kulieva brand, was the ornament of the Hutsul pysanka "deer". The clothing retains the appropriate colors and forms, and flat folk images have become voluminous. With the help of traditional Western Ukrainian characters, the designer conveyed the atmosphere of spring and showed national clothes in a new perspective. The collection of Maria Kuliyeva breaks the stereotype that the Ukrainian style is simply "embroidered" or "sheepskin coat", it can be something new and unusual.

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Brand 2L Factura, created by a duet of designers Lana Teslenko and Elena Gorbacheva, presented the collection "Atunim" ("Minute"). The brand's clothing displays a new attitude to time in general and the minute in particular, to consumption, rationality and cut. The collection is part of the project "2L Upcycling Project" – clothes sewn from curtains, second-hand. At the same time, designers were guided by the technique of "emotional" cut in return for a complex process of clothing production. The show was a real installation, all the images were supplemented with semantic decorations and special shoes.

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Ukrainian designer Anna Erofeeva, brand by Anna Erofeeva, presented the collection "Zatishna mriya" – a children's line of everyday clothes. In a variety of models, the designer took into account the requirements of parents for clothes for their kids! In childhood many of us wanted to be like adults. These children's dreams were embodied in the silhouettes of the collection of Anna Erofeeva. When creating clothes, we used hand embroidery on fabric, each model is individual and unique. Multi-level cashmere vests make small children "mods" from babies. This clothing can be worn both in everyday life and in special cases.

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The original models were presented by designer Alina Kravets, brand Torbalina. Her collection is a vivid example of transformation and flexibility, because the creation of bags and casual designer clothes inspired by geometric shapes and simple lines.

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Designer Lydia Zaharchenko, brand Zahara, demonstrated a new collection of "Chic". It combines the bold image of a modern Ukrainian woman who is looking for her real "I". The creation of the designer's clothes was inspired by the Ukrainian avant-garde. This can be traced in the form of a costume and technology of processing cloth, painted in ink cuttlefish. Thanks to a special combination of light and shadow, the texture of the fabric, its roughness, hand stitch of different widths is emphasized.

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Designer Alla Frenkel, brand Alla Frenkel, showed a collection of underwear. The demonstration of the first-line body from TM "Alla Frenkel" became a real show. Performance "Sculptor" from the theater show underwear Alla Frenkel in the third season Berdyansk Fashion Day showed that a woman can be different, but always intriguing and sexual.

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Especially for the Berdyansk Fashion Day designer Anna Morgun brought 15 best and unique clothes of the brand ANNA MORGUN, which conquered the podiums of the world's fashion capitals. The show from the designer became a representation of fifteen luxurious and exclusive dresses made of the most delicate silk and noble velvet embroidered by hand. Each model, despite its simple forms, emphasizes the elegance and femininity of modern emancipated ladies. The brand produces several lines: the main, premium, "Anna Morgun"; and more democratic "NANA by Anna Morgun". The enchanting end of the evening was the presentation of a new single by a rock singer and at the same time the designer Anna Morgun.

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Within the framework of Berdyansk Fashion Day fashion show organizer Gayane Vardikyan together with fashion experts determined the best collection of the season. The diploma "The Best Fashion Designer Spring \ Summer – 2018", which gives an automatic right to participate in the next season Berdyansk Fashion Day Fall \ Winter – 2018-19, was awarded to Maria Kuliyeva .

Independent fashion experts have prepared special prizes for talented and promising designers. Zarina Semenyuk, founder of Ukrainian Fashion Academy, organizer of Odessa Fashion Week, presented a discount for designer Gurgen Vardikyan , brand VARDIKYAN, in the next season Odessa Fashion Week Fall \ Winter – 2018-19. The grant for participation in competition of young designers New Fashion Generation within the framework of Odessa Fashion Week was received by designer Lida Zaharchenko, brand Zahara.

The official stylist Berdyansk Fashion Day traditionally was the team MALINO BEAUTY CLUB under the leadership of Marina Kochergа. Together with designers and makeup artists MAKE UP SCHOOL Marina Laer, they created more than 80 unforgettable images. And on the podium they were successfully demonstrated by the models of the agency SeaModels.


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