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Odessa Fashion Week, 22-26 March 2017-18, was the flagship fashion event in Ukraine for its great show of enthusiasm, interest, professionalism, competence and beauty; the designers were basically throwing darts at various ideas — cropped leather jackets, classic country styles, paisley silk dresses, scarf and shirt prints and some separates in a somewhat harsh palette of avocado, teal, jade and lilac. Individually, most pieces would find a customer.

As part of Odessa Fashion Week, more than 30 designers presented their collections.

Over the weekend – as normal people went about their daily routines and lives – several guests, fashion lovers and members of the fashion crowd approached the "Sady Pobedy" Concert Hall (Victory Garden) to help contribute to the atmosphere of a very good show – the Fashion Show that took place

from 22 to 26 March 2017.

The Concert Hall “Sady Pobedy” was changed literally into a high-tech arena: the light system was built with the professional equipment from the American firm High End Systems, with an “excellent professional sound system of a world class"; other high-quality equipment was provided by the American firm Meyer Sound. This company's sound equipment is normally used by world-famous locations, such as the Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas, the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, the Vienna Volkstheater, the Carnegie Hall or the Dolby Theater (in Hollywood, where the "Oscar" ceremony is hosted annually).

When the guests arrived, they saw an exhibition of hats, glasses, jackets, wine brands, handmade and high-end jewelry, clothes, shoes and fashion accessories, all beautifully displayed in the Trade Fashion Zone.

And then the show began – a parade of fabrics of many colors and patterns – a multi-level program, which was put in place to boost the development of the fashion industry in the Southeast region in particular, and in Ukraine as a whole.

Designers wanted to "show the world that the fashion community is united and without fear". And they did very well.

It turns out that European and Ukrainian trend modes share more than a mutually advantageous fashion connection. Both have a way of using their own platforms for a certain amount of proselytizing as well. Some trends may have begun in New York, Milan, London, Paris, but they are taking momentum in Ukraine.

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On 22 March was held the Presse conference, the fashion conference titled "How to Build a fashion business in Ukraine". The Pre-Party Fashion Week as held in the Tagliatelle restaurant.

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On 23 March was the opening ceremony of Odessa Fashion Week of the Fall/Winter 2017-18 season in "Victory Gardens". The location was a perfect platform for the fashion show: a 25-meter catwalk and special LED lighting equipment.

Jazz music was performed by Anastasia Bukin; electronic music, string duet dances with ballet dancers and the presentation of the new clip "There you are", as well as other performances, were the musical highlights of the event.

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What I liked very much about the first day of the catwalk, in contrast to other happenings of the day, was Elena Godis’s genuine passion for country colors and animal designs. Also, Maryna Yaroslavskaya “on the verge of…” offers a great mix of innovation (modernity) and tradition, and she is one of the very few designers to see the richness of that combination. What’s more, Kira Strogetskyh goes in deep with unconventional and street wear style. Last but not least, Olga Shchedrina and her team were so good at translating a smart casual luxury sport wear line into chic and hi-tech fabrics for men.

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On 24, 25 and 26 March, parades of colors, pattern and trends came one after the other. The clothes are especially youthful — the tiered knit mini-dresses that slightly evoke femininity to enhance silhouettes; and multi-color top material pieces used in Murod's and Umed Kuchkaliev's. Some of the designers were keeping delicate, romantic prints and “haut de gamme” fabrics, such as Anna's bride, Victoria Syromlia or the original majestic style and top materials for Olga Krasnova's collection.

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Here is a list of others participants; Miss DM, N’art, Pchelka, Enlille, Shablii, Elena Morar, Alina Bradu & Vasile Vozian, Daniil Guliaev, Omar from Italy, Popelyushko for Yourtrend, OVA, Zhanna Klimova, Olga Cataraga, Michaela Dvornic, HGF Production Group, Dariy, Viorika Sheikh Mustafa, Nani Sabrini, Victoria Syromlia, Tiqa by Victoria Bozhik, Elohor, Babugee, Rag Nations from Lekki Fashion week, Royal Family by Musteata.

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On the final day of Odessa Fashion Week, the New Fashion Generation contest awarded a designer and models of the Fall/Winter 2017-18 season. The winners received an invitation to participate in the Roma Fashion Week.

Pretty assortment of things was presented in the Trade Fashion Zone: Maryna Yaroslavskaya, Veronika Kosminskaya, Elena Morar, Liholat, My Fucking bag, Gi-Bijou, Anoir by Amal Kiran Jana, Savana, Elizaveta Shante, Belluno, Garnaya, Komod I K. There is no doubt that accessories have a great potential: Experts speak of up to 10% revenue share good prospects that retailers should not miss.

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There was balancing act between formal and informal looks; some brands were collections of only womenswear, both relaxed and sophisticated samples, boasting a touch of fashion couture style. Many collections are sold in Ukraine, Russia, Asia, with e-commerce being considered in the near future.

In all, it was a very good alchemy of all that concerns Fashion, and it took place in the beautiful place that is Odessa, and more specifically at the Luxury Concert Hall "Sady Pobedy" – Room Provence.

Alla Lisogor, Zarina Semenyouk, Viktoriya Volkova, Olga Krasnova

Zarina Semenyouk

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Zarina Semenyuk, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Odessa Fashion Week, is a successful woman who is in the innermost fashion circle. Having worked at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine as a research specialist, she founded the Ukrainian Fashion Academy, the Ukrainian Financial Academy and is chief editor at the Ukrainian Fashion magazine. She is not only prolific in her work and ambitious but also innovative and genuine. Wanting to spread her wings and open the Ukrainian fashion circle as much as possible, she became the official representative of Rome Fashion Week in Ukraine and Moldova.

Zarina's endearing personality and upbeat sense of humor prove to be the ideal ingredients to be the successful manager for the Odessa Fashion Show, both stylish and entertaining. Her great qualities create a very enjoyable atmosphere with the guests that are co-hosts on the show.

Zarina is well-rounded woman with many talents who appears on magazines and in TV interviews; she is also involved in various social and charitable causes.

In addition to her business interests, she joins forces with her husband Ali Akel and her two children, enjoying her role in the family. She has decided to focus on spreading a positive image of Ukrainian designers both in Ukraine and world fashion industry.

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