20 January, 2022



In addition to the shows of famous Ukrainian and foreign designers, guests are invited to perform special musical guests. Traditionally, on October 7, the famous jazz singer Anastasia Bukina will perform as part of the Opening Ceremony. Also on this day and for the first time within the framework of the Odessa Fashion Week the music co-operative "Money Forward" led by frontman Felix Shinder will perform – the only young performers in the style of Odessa Gangsta Folk. The work of the team is a mixture of klezmer music with the hooligan folklore of Moldavanka. Each performance of the band is a real interactive show with a special Odessa humor.

On October 8, the guests will be greeted by the appearance of a new artist on the expanses of Ukrainian show business – Glory Maytus, as well as the young rock singer and designer Anna Morgun in one person.

On October 9, at the Closing Ceremony of the Fashion Week, the ORIONIX band will perform – the Ukrainian English-language music project, "fresh blood" in progressive electronic music. The group combines bright fashion-images, futuristic history and gentle vocals against the background of alternative pop music and impulsive impregnations of electronic rock.

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From 07 to 09 October, the Trade Fashion Zone will operate on the territory of the Concert Hall "Victory Gardens" – the territory where clothes, shoes and accessories of Ukrainian and foreign designers will be presented, which each of the guests will be able to try on and buy. Also photo and brand-zones will be presented from the partners of the event, which prepare treats and special gifts for all our guests.


On October 06 in Impact Hub Odessa will be the second part of the conference, and the main topic of discussion will be: How to promote fashion business in Ukraine. Speakers will include:

Alla Lisogor, image-designer, teacher of Ukrainian Fashion Academy will talk about how to create a favorable image of the brand in fashion business;

-Galina Moskvina, fashion expert, professional stylist and image maker, organizer Art Fashion Hub will share how to create a unique DNA of its brand and be in demand in Ukraine and abroad;

Vasily Galushkin, fashion-photographer from his personal experience will tell how to promote his brand through photography;

Elena Godis, designer of the brand ELEN GODIS will always raise the topic: Fashion: extremes and harmony;

Aysel Huseynova, co-founder and creative director of 24/7 RAARE, pr-director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Baku will tell you where to start a designer who wants to sell in Azerbaijan.

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On October 9, the Odessa Fashion Week will host a contest of young designers New Fashion Generation, where the Odessa Professional Lycée of Technology and Design, Odessa Technical College, Odessa Theater and Art College and such young designers as MANDRAGORA, KOTYK SVITLANA, JULESS DESIGN , YARA.M, YANINA SERGEYEVA | BELARUS.

Talented and promising designers, independent fashion experts have prepared special prizes. So, each member of the jury will choose his "favorite" among young designers and give him his prize:

Zarina Semenyuk, organizer of Odessa Fashion Week, together with all jury members, will determine the best collection of the season and will award the Best Fashion Designer SS2018 with diploma, and also provide free participation with a full collection next season of Odessa Fashion Week FW 2018-19.

Aysel Gueynova, co-founder and creative director of 24/7 RAARE, PR-director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Baku will provide free participation in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Baku next season.

Yana Rajkes, co-organizer of the Week of Slavic Fashion in Paris, which will be held on 16-19.OCT.2017. It will give preferential participation in the project (300 € for 6 models or 500 € for 12 models, the total cost is 550 € and 1100 € respectively).

Anastasia Satsyuk, art director of the magazine Ukrainian Fashion Magazine will provide free placement of interviews and fashion-story (3 turns) in the magazine Ukrainian.Fashion.

Vasily Galushkin, fashion-photographer will hold a fashion-photo session for the magazine Ukrainain.Fashion.

Photographer Anna NB will present a certificate for a free photo session of the designer's collection;

Olga Bashtovenko, organizer of Mifida Fashion Day. Cherkassy will provide free participation in its project.

Gayane Vardikian, organizer of Berdyansk Fashion Day will provide free participation in his project.


On 05-06 October, the Fashion Conference will traditionally take place with a substantial educational program from 11 successful insiders of the fashion industry.

So, on October 5 in the Concert Hall "Victory Gardens" our speakers will reveal the topic: How to build a fashion business in Ukraine and where to get the necessary knowledge. Among the speakers:

– Zarina Semenyuk, founder of Ukrainian Fashion Academy, organizer of Odessa Fashion Week

– Natalia Shaposhnikova, director of the Odessa Professional Lyceum of Technologies and Design of the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University. KDUshinsky

– Polina Kuznetsova, head of the department. Department of Light Industry of the Odessa Technical College

– Marianna Kadzhayeva, director of the Odessa Theater and Art School

– Nadezhda Lapteva, educational group DonStream – the exclusive representative of the London College of Arts in Ukraine

– Galina Moskvina, fashion expert, professional stylist and image maker, organizer Art Hub

– Inna Guzenko, director of TV project and TV school Play Fashion Junior.

Venue: Concert Hall "Gardens of Victory"


Author: Cesar Calle La Rosa

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