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Cherkassy is a province of Central Ukraine located along the Dniper River about 200 km from Kiev. In this capital of Cherkassy Oblast, in the Regional Art Museum and more exactly in Kreshatyk Street 259, took place MIFIDA Fashion Day on 18 March 2017.

This one-day fashion event happens once a year. It saw the congregation of professionals, designers and creative people of the fashion industry with the purpose of sharing the “Glamour of fashion”.

The organizer and manager of this event, Olga Bashtovenk, and her team were fully convinced that their efforts would make this annual event an absolute success. The efficient participation of the moderator Anton Kutselepa and the showman Dmitry Podoroshko with his excellent sense of humor and creativity made all guests smile and laugh – a great and happy day was had by all. And last but not least, the models displayed their marvelous proficiency and competence on the catwalk.

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The fashion event started with designer Victoria Lyuvena with her collection “My Wings; in the catwalk, her models showed her creation, a beautiful combination of different textures of fabrics, using natural materials, which gave promised uniqueness, confidence and a sense of comfort. An elegant-casual style!

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Natalia Korinenko L, with her collection “Mysteries of Spring”, conveyed concepts of beauty and convenience for little ladies and gentlemen. The collection consisted of 15 models of children’s demi-season coats. The collection used various materials, forms, designs and embellishments (embroideries) – a welcome fresh infusion thanks to lively colors.

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Aleksander Kapsamun, with his new collection “Kapsamun Spring 2017”, was the perfect embodiment of beauty and strength. The idea of this casualwear brand is to make men and women feel comfortable in their clothes. The collection is inseparable from the designer’s personality.

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After sifting through the variety of dress types that were presented throughout the event, the most remarkable and memorable for me was Natalia Gorlevskaya’s “Forever-Elegant”: she showed us an inspirational collection of formal and wedding dresses. bare-shoulder dresses, such as a delicate white mermaid-like dress; a dress fit for a princess with a low-cut décolleté; a gown to be worn to a formal reception or ceremony. All in all, an impressive parade of gorgeous dresses.

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TM “Allure” is a beautiful collection that certainly was the result of tedious but oh so beautiful! work due to the many details, such as flowers and pom-poms that had to be sewn on the garments. This brand’s designer, Alena Lyulka, is amongst the best-known designers of Ukraine.

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Darius Pilyvets is a young Ukrainian designer and owner of TM "Dariy" – his motto is to continue the modern saga of "uni-sex", which is popular amongst people of any age – "The Alien Collection". It was an opportunity for Darius to show his terrific collection of great aesthetic value and an innovative, very personal sense of style.

TD “MAN”. Whether you need an elegant costume for a wedding, work, or other, put your buttons in value through the Roy Robson’s collection. Ready to make a choice among several plaid costume cups, two-piece, two-button suit, waistcoat, three-button suit; casual elegant pants and jackets. Just beautiful!

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Antonina Kovalchuk's spring collection “Aphrodita” was something special and unusual. She took up the great challenge to create lingerie that has the little “extra”: a combination of traditional style with a very creative edge that resulted in a collection of aesthetic, refined and luxurious underwear.

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Special Guest and participants in the event:

Svetlana Astashova, editor of Magazine “Colosseum” and partner of MIFIDA

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Cesar Calle La Rosa, journalist, editor and founder of DigitalNewsFashion from Switzerland.

I am very grateful to post the pictures of the photographers: Taras Lyubchenko and Alexander Tsybulsky, I also thank to MIFIDA.


Organizer of MIFIDA Fashion Day, Cherkassy

Event manager, leading founder of "MIFIDA MODELS”

Olga, tell us how you come up with the idea of organizing MIFIDA – Fashion Day in Cherkassy, and what is MIFIDA?

The theme of fashion-shows interested me for a long time. In school, I myself took part in many shows, attended modeling school, etc. In 2015, I had an idea that would not leave me for a long time – I wanted to create something of my own, while new to the city. During one of the conversations with a person close to me, we spoke about my impressions. Well, and from that moment I began a whirlwind of all sorts of ideas, goals and methods of implementation of this just in my head.

As regards the name “MIFIDA” – it is a different story altogether. I thought about it for a long time and could not determine what to call the project. And one evening in my head I just came up with that one word. Of course, I immediately checked on Google if such a word existed at all. As it turned out, that was not so – and so MIFIDA it has become.

What are the goals for the project? What makes designers wanting to participate in your project?

The main goal of this project is to promote talented designers. Typically, novice designers cannot always afford to have their own boutique, or, for example, sell their collections in a large shopping mall. And besides – selling is difficult if no one has heard about the designer. Projects such as MIFIDA Fashion Day in Cherkassy helps novice designers to have a breakthrough, a start, a chance to express themselves – call it what you want, but the fact remains that often, their clothes find buyers straight off the catwalk.

What difficulties do you find in your organization, or everything goes easily? Who helps you in organizing MIFIDA Fashion Day in Cherkassy?

Difficulties we had many. Especially for the first edition. But as a rule, people learn from their own mistakes and don’t allow themselves to repeat those mistakes. The second project, too, was not perfect, but it was already much improved (which is good). I am a consistent person with my own ideas, which I try to transform into reality. And when I have ideas, they are put to life by my colleagues. Above all, they are my helpers, and without them I would have really failed. They are people who listen and then help to transform my ideas into something technically possible and to implement them – they are a creative team, and I want to say: thank you all! I hope you will always support me and my crazy ideas 🙂




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Olga Bashtovenko

Email: olga.bashtovenko28@gmail.com

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