20 January, 2022








The inhabitants of megacities, businesses and businesses, constantly fleeing and having time to be in several places, know the shoe at low speed and appreciate the beautiful quality models without heel. It is always good to have in your wardrobe a pair or a few pairs of universal boots, in which it is not shameful to appear at the business office either at a party, or on the anniversary of the son of a friend.

Today, we'll be looking at what's best to wear low-speed boots to keep you moving, but do not lose an elegant bow.

The image without heels for a businesswoman

What's up? High boots with a narrow top, black boots, suede half boots. These shoes can be combined with a business suit, narrow pants and jeans, if the dress code allows it.

Boots with a narrow cap can also be worn with a narrow dress or skirt.

Choose for a corporate style a boots model with a minimum of decor, as laconic and elegant as possible.

Low boots in the style of smart casual

Smart casual is very loyal to low speed shoes. The main thing is to be comfortable and beautiful. The boots without heels can be combined with narrow pants, jeans, a shirt, as well as skirts of different styles. And in the course can go as models with a high bootleg, and low boots. You can also choose a model with a small heel.

A bohemian style image with low running boots

Here is the starry hour of your low-speed cowboy boots – a bohemian-style image. Combine comfortable suede boots with a skirt of the same material and a light blouse, complete the picture with a bag in the same style and other accessories.

Boots with fringes and rivets can also be worn with a long dress with floral embroidery or an imprint.

Casual images with boots without heel

And in everyday life you can be interesting, elegant and attractive. With what you can wear low speed boots in street style:

– Narrow jeans, a soft sweater, and accessories – a voluminous scarf;

– A dress, tight tights, a bomb;

– Pants or pants, shirt, park;

– Pencil skirt or midi skirt, blouse, coat.

Create a picture of a rider

Elegant, elegant, attractive. The image of a rider suits everyday wear, a party and walks. For the image of a rider, we will need:

– High boots at low speed;

– Narrow pants;

– Jockey hat;

– Shirt or blouse strict;

– Steel or coat with strict lines.

In a version adapted to everyday life should occur like this:

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