20 January, 2022
Berdyansk Fashion Day spring / summer 2020

Berdyansk Fashion Day spring / summer 2020

On the 9th and 10th of August Berdyansk Fashion Day spring / summer 2020 took place in Berdyansk. In two days, 11 collections were on display at two different sites, and more than 50 models took part in the show.

The first day of Berdyansk Fashion Day was held in the KIT Shopping Center. There were 6 collections from designers: ROMAN VILD (Kharkov), MIKHEEVA LIUDMYLA (Kharkov), HNA DRESS (Kiev), ELMIRA ZAMANOVA (Kharkov), IRINA.ARTLACE (Berdyansk), Golden Trinity & Eco-bags from Elena Chetvertak (Zaporozhye).

The second day of the fashion shows was held in the Panorama Family Hotel, one could see the collections: Zahara (Kiev), Olga Zheleznyak (Kharkov), Lana Vann (Zaporozhye), Design group KSADA – Anastasia Azhimova, Ksenia Babich, Victoria Kononenko, Marina Lobko, Elizabeth Mozhaeva, Kristina Notchenko (Kharkov).

In addition to design shows, the Trend Fashion zone was organized. There were presented clothes and accessories from designers represented on the catwalk of Berdyansk Fashion Day for two days.

The founder of Berdyansk Fashion Day, the head of the organizing committee, Gayane Vardikyan, told about the features of the 6th season:

“For the first time, Berdyansk Fashion Day passes two days. We receive more and more applications for participation each season; we select the best so that guests of fashion shows can see strong and original collections from famous designers from all over Ukraine. And, of course, we give the “green light” to beginner talented designers. Despite the fact that their names are not yet known to a wide circle, the lines of clothing that they create deserve attention due to bright, unusual and memorable images. In general, the sixth season of Berdyansk Fashion Day showed collections that differ from each other in style, clothing concept, and fabric handling technique. It was an interesting and exciting show.”

#BRDFD again gathered numerous guests, journalists of specialized publications, bloggers from all over Ukraine, clients of fashion houses and brands, representatives of the creative elite, business, photographers, stylists, beauty industry experts and everyone who loves fashion.

Photo: Eduard Panov, Bogdan Zhelyazkov, Roman Romanov

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