20 January, 2022
Alexandre  Lerman-Lutskevych

Alexandre Lerman-Lutskevych


A royal painter and the successor of

Family talented and famous artists Zoya Lerman and Juriy Lutskevych.

The status of portraying by Alexandre personalities hold in a pleasant story…


Question: Alexandre what's create you as an artist ? 

I was born in a family of artists Juriy Lutskevych and Zoia Lerman,each of them was a great and bright artistic personality.

In a general sense we can talk about art dynasty ( my son Eugene is paint and draw as well ). From my childhood I were grown up surrounded by elite of Ukrainian culture which is now belongs to Golden Fond of a nation. The close friends of my parents were artists Grigoriy Gavrilenko, genious film maker 

Serge Paradijanov, the daughter of a famous Ukrainian poet Leonid Vycheslavsky Irina ( brilliant artist living in Antibes ) just name a few.

I was grown up with the smell of oil colors surrounded by unfinished pictures just in the middle of a loud and intense conversation in the studio.

Later on I were at art school were my mother teaching art for more than 30 years

In 1985 I graduated from the art academy where study at department of monumental painting and mosaic.

At the same period came the "wind of changes" soviet era was ended so the young artists start to be extensively creative and full of artistic freedom. ( artists groups such as Parisian Commune and "Soviart" e.t.c )

That was my generation which is create my artistic background and give impetus to my personality. We want to show the world what we've done.

Ukrainian art become fashionable…

Question: What was the starting point of your "European" creative period ?

My first trip abroad were to Britain.For 3 months I was fully integrated in London art life. Very inspiring was the paintings of my British colleagues and one my favorite artists J.M.W.Turner.

Afterwards I created a series of landscapes inspired by Turner and Prerafaelits.

Turning point were to meet David Stephenson-British publisher & gallery owner.

After returning to Kiev I get a honorable commission to paint the portrait of Her Majesty the Queen for British Embassy. Later on I get further commission

for the Danish Embassy where I held my solo exhibition.

One of paintings from exhibition bought by Danish foreign minister Uffe Elleman-Jensen.

Question: What was the result of your cooperation with "Soviart" ?

I was the guest of 1 delegation tween sites Odense-Kiev.Getting the invitation of Mr. Villy Petersen dir. of a cultural Department-I was the guest artist of Odense for more than 6 years participating in several programmers with Danish artists.

I held personal exhibition at "Real Credit Denmark" in cooperation with Odense Municipality, in a Gallery Rasmussen, Stokkebye gallery etc.

Great source of inspiration for me was a Baltic sea and Scandinavian nature.


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