20 January, 2022
Women’s Art Project

Women’s Art Project

"In-Art" brings together the works of professional artists, painters and sculptors. “In-Art” is an internet publication about contemporary art, which, among other things, creates its own art projects, which reveal different approaches, materials and themes. Each exhibition is an artistic display and showcases the wonderful proof of the creative freedom of contemporary Ukrainian artists. Take for example the exhibition entitled “Women’s art project”. This project was presented at a branch of the Kiev National Museum of Russian Art, and then at the art-space Barvy.

Olena Pryduvalova and Anna Kryvolap

The cloud is George's project "Walking Cloud" with the artist Stepan Ryabchenko

Nina MurashkinaAnastasia Podervyanskaya and Elena Ryzykh






Liza Portnova

Oksana Radkevich

Olga Kravchenko

Lina Kondes

Olesya Dzhuraeva






Special project of Zinaida Lihacheva

Olga Selischeva

Sasha Chichkan



George Brailovsky is the founder of the information and analytical portal “In-Art”. He is the author of articles in magazines, such as "Antique" (Kiev) and "Among Collectors" (Moscow). He is also a curator and the author of the new project "Walking Cloud" together with the artist Stepan Ryabchenko, Mystetskiy Arsenal, 2015. Furthermore, he is also a collector of modern art and of antique Ukrainian pottery, porcelain and faience of pre-revolutionary Ukraine.

George was born in Kiev in 1961. He graduated from Kiev Engineering Institute in 1983. In this area, he is author of more than 20 scientific papers, which were translated in Europe and the USA, and the developer of an invention related to aircraft industry – “Test machine for ceramic samples' thermal strength testing”.



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In Kiev, I met this fascinating family that makes a distinct contribution to our society. They work in a close-knit team that has understood that everyone has his or her own creativity to express emotions. Here, in setting up “Women's Art Project”, they firmly believe that people can explore art as a tool for social engagement. In Ukraine, this family helps to put artists on a pedestal to showcase their interesting and thought-provoking works, which give us the very welcome gift of re-discovering the relationships between humans and the natural world.In this project, women-artists show their vision of the world around them through the artistic images, the search for harmony and security.

For the members of this family, "art" is the magnet, the inexorable pull, that they cannot help but be attracted to.